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  1. OSUCowboy787

    'I Survived Columbine And It Feels Like Nothing Has Changed'

    While we're modifying gun rights we should also consider modifying voting rights. Maybe require voter ID in every state? I would think electing someone based off an illegal vote is more dangerous than our gun laws currently.
  2. OSUCowboy787

    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Kansas in a close one with Penn as well. Would be the first 16 to beat a 1 seed ever.
  3. OSUCowboy787

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    Or come down to Texas etc. How about Oklahoma just start taxing the casinos?
  4. OSUCowboy787

    Baylor Thread (Big 12 Sanctions Added)

    Baylor keeps on Baylor'ing
  5. OSUCowboy787

    RIP Stephen Hawking

    I would think the 'S***' would be more for seeing that there was a heaven and he was wrong as he was an atheist.
  6. OSUCowboy787

    More good news- The Brad Underwear thread

    I'll be curious to see how long Illinois gives him before cutting him loose.
  7. OSUCowboy787

    Boynton, now that the season is done

    My opinion is this year was a huge success. Picked to finish 2nd to last or last by everyone and we tied for 6th with a sweep of Kansas in the regular season and wins against all of the other top teams. Did we lose some games we shouldn't have, sure. but its the guys first season as a coach so...
  8. OSUCowboy787

    Men in America

    Wouldn't a line represent a phallic symbol to some snowflakes? May need to just call them persons.
  9. OSUCowboy787

    Cowboys vs Jayhawks MBB

    Hopefully Solomon can push lightfoot around some considering he has 35lbs on him
  10. OSUCowboy787

    Men in America

    The main quote i heard from her in that video 'Don't need a man'. Me thinks she got dumped and is super bitter about it.
  11. OSUCowboy787

    Cowboys vs Sooners MBB

    I know I'm biased but if i'm a committee member it would be really hard to put OU in over OSU considering recent play and Win loss against each other, assuming you're comparing those 2 teams for a spot.
  12. OSUCowboy787

    Cowboys vs Sooners MBB

    How does the committee justify putting OU in over us when they are currently 9th in the standings and OSU is 6th according to ESPN today....
  13. OSUCowboy787

    Cowboys at the NFL Combine

    Would LOVE to see Rudolph go to the Cardinals and if I could hand pick a place for Washington it would be the Vikings.
  14. OSUCowboy787

    Tweet of the Day

  15. OSUCowboy787

    Tennessee woman's lawsuit claims trooper groped her, pulled her over twice in hours

    I've never seen them check a waistband like that before in the first part of the video.
  16. OSUCowboy787

    Cowboys at the NFL Combine

    Probably an SEC guy.
  17. OSUCowboy787

    Rubio (CNN Townhall)

    So they're saying no one knew the questions beforehand at CNN??
  18. OSUCowboy787

    2018 Bracketology Tracker

    If we can get to 18 wins its going to be REAL hard for the committee to keep us out of the tourney. We have WAY too many signature wins on our resume.