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  1. CocoCincinnati

    'I Survived Columbine And It Feels Like Nothing Has Changed'

    So in your opinion, if the government decided to tax firearms at 5000%, that would not be at attempt to stop people from exercising their constitutional rights? And you think it would be perfectly acceptable even if it made buying firearms practically impossible for most Americans.
  2. CocoCincinnati

    'I Survived Columbine And It Feels Like Nothing Has Changed'

    She's wrong, something has changed. There are literally millions more AR-15 type weapons in the hands of gun owners in this country than there were when Columbine happened. And still those types of weapons are used in fewer homicides than hammers are.
  3. CocoCincinnati

    'I Survived Columbine And It Feels Like Nothing Has Changed'

    A person absolutely does not need to have a cell phone to exercise their freedom of speech. Alcohol, tobacco, cars and planes are not rights guaranteed by the constitution. Putting a special tax just on firearms is the equivalent of charging people a tax every time they refuse a search of...
  4. CocoCincinnati

    FDA announces move to limit nicotine content in cigarettes

    These are just the kind of important, crucial, emergency, hard pressing issues that I want our government to focus on. :rolleyes:
  5. CocoCincinnati

    NCAA Tournament

    Judging from ou's last two games, both at neutral sites, OSU deserved to be in the NCAA's more than RI did. Seriously, look at RI's schedule and tell me OSU couldn't have a similar record.
  6. CocoCincinnati

    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

    Well a nice little run to end the half there, wish they hadn't had that answered prayer at the buzzer. 9 assists on 11 made baskets is freaking awesome, 33% shooting is not. Had some trouble with that zone initially, bailed out by finally make a few three's. If they stick with that zone, I...
  7. CocoCincinnati

    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

    Need to build a little bit of a lead by halftime, don't want that team having any confidence going into the locker room.
  8. CocoCincinnati

    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

    Dangit can't get shots to fall, luckily, neither can they. First team that starts actually making some baskets is going to have a hell of an advantage.
  9. CocoCincinnati

    Bail bonds(wo)man acquitted in shooting - Video released

    Obviously I don't know all of the evidence but I'm having trouble understanding how it was changed as first degree murder in the first place....maybe the jury thought the same thing. This may be on the DA if they chose not to pursue 2nd degree murder or some other change instead.
  10. CocoCincinnati

    Hillary "we don't do well with married white women"

    Gore lost to Bush, Hillary lost to Trump....that's got to sting more.
  11. CocoCincinnati

    ICE Spokeman Resigns

    So to be clear, the falsehoods that he says were being spread is that in his opinion, the raid would not have captured all 864 of the dangerous criminal aliens that were being targeted.....NOT the claim that these 864 dangerous individuals exist, or that they were tipped off by the mayor. Yeah...
  12. CocoCincinnati

    House Intel finds 'no evidence of collusion' between Trump campaign and Russia

    You mean if the Dems take control of the house, the first thing they will do is restart this same witch hunt all over again. Oh joy, what a grand reason to vote Dem in 2018.
  13. CocoCincinnati

    Hillary "we don't do well with married white women"

    Typical liberal attitude towards women: "if they don't agree with me, they are obviously being mis-led somehow, there's no way women would disagree with me if they formed their own opinion". To even suggest that women who did not vote for her, did so only because of a man in their life somehow...
  14. CocoCincinnati

    Republicans Increasingly Believe That Education Is Bad For America

    In other words there is a difference between education and indoctrination. We should all support the former and we should all oppose the latter.
  15. CocoCincinnati

    College students support free speech — unless it offends them

    Obviously, a person on private property can censor what anybody on their property says, nobody is questioning that. But the article was about college campuses and if we are talking about a public college campus, then isn't that indirectly the government?
  16. CocoCincinnati

    Which postseason snub was worse, 2011 football or 2018 basketball?

    The thing is, if you lose 14 games, it's kind of hard to say you should have been a lock....and if you aren't a lock then it's kind of hard to say it's the biggest snub in your programs history. Now, you can absolutely make an argument that the very metrics the committee claims to have used for...
  17. CocoCincinnati

    Boynton, now that the season is done

    It's too small a sample to really make a determination on Boynton yet. Any coach should get 2 to 3 years to prove themselves. I wasn't sold on the hire either but the hire is done, and it's not going to change at this point so might as well give the man a chance and hope he succeeds. We were...
  18. CocoCincinnati

    Best Buy in violation of 4th Amendment ?

    So where is the line drawn between a private citizen acting on their own to report criminal activity if they come across it and then being rewarded for that OR somebody who is a paid agent of the police who in the course of their regular job, also actively search for evidence that can be used...
  19. CocoCincinnati

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Maybe the Republicans tricked the Democrats into voting for know, like they tricked them into supporting the Iraq war. :rolleyes:
  20. CocoCincinnati

    Republicans Increasingly Believe That Education Is Bad For America

    Blah, blah, blah, I can read minds, blah, blah, blah.