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  1. Duke Silver

    Gundy griping thread

    So that means you are a BAMF in real life?
  2. Duke Silver

    OSU Cowboy Fans Reporting On Big 12 Teams

    Took a miracle to beat TU
  3. Duke Silver

    Tweet of the Day

    Ya think
  4. Duke Silver

    City of Stillwater thread

    Why not 6th and country club?
  5. Duke Silver

    Hovland into semis

    36 holes, right?
  6. Duke Silver

    W/L Prediction Thread

    Agree with all of that. F anyone that thinks we lose to Texas.
  7. Duke Silver

    Tweet of the Day

    Who on earth would definitively answer that question? Stupid questions.
  8. Duke Silver

    20 assistant coaches ready for a top job

    I have met Yurcich a few times. He is a nice dude.
  9. Duke Silver

    Athletics Construction Progress

    It is an amazing facility.
  10. Duke Silver

    Name change

  11. Duke Silver

    Name change

    Who is this
  12. Duke Silver

    Fall practice updates

    Does a bear take a leak in the woods?
  13. Duke Silver

    Gary Johnson may run for Senate

    They even send out shit to the news to do stories on.
  14. Duke Silver

    Gary Johnson may run for Senate

    Do the dnc ones still have talking points and what to talk to your friends about?
  15. Duke Silver

    Does Trump think he is the NFL Commish now?

    Disrespecting, protesting police brutality. Kneeling, standing, fist up, singing, whatever we believe, they have the right to do it. We have the right to not watch, each team has the right to back them or not.
  16. Duke Silver

    Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross orders Feds to take over California water supply

    Have there been any declarations due to the fire?? Disaster?? Some stuff hands jurisdiction to the feds. I don't remember exactly which ones.
  17. Duke Silver

    Chicago’s Violence and Its Leadership Deficit

    I may be way off here but I think I remember reading about this. I think the police were using it as bait for a group of thieves that steal trucks with stuff in them. Like this or a ups truck or something like that. Then as they watched, a bunch of kids broke in and stole the shoes. I am in...