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  1. Tall Cowboy

    Gulf Shores/Pensacola Vacation Recommendations

    I'll be staying in Gulf Shores, AL the last week of May. Any family-friendly recommendations in that area?
  2. Tall Cowboy

    Brandon Averette requests release to explore transferring
  3. Tall Cowboy

    SEC - the myth....

    Very solid.
  4. Tall Cowboy

    Star Wars for a Newbie

    Episodes IV, V, and VI only. Just showed them to my 6 year old. Now she wants to watch I, II, III. I will not show them because I am not a terrible father.
  5. Tall Cowboy

    SMU gets ban hammer from NCAA?

    Shake Milton anyone?
  6. Tall Cowboy

    Cowboy Football Opener Promo

    Subtle yet impactful. Pants definitely tighter.
  7. Tall Cowboy

    Bedlam Replay on YouTube

    Watched yesterday along with the 1-hr version of the bowl game. I just can't get over the poise of Rudolph considering the situations including the Baylor game. No experience, poor o-line, good defenses, road/neutral games. Can't wait to finally see him play at home for the first time, which...
  8. Tall Cowboy

    Jurassic World

    Pretty good, I thought. A lot better than 2 and 3, but not even the same breath as the original. A lot of eye roll moments but kept reminding myself that realism is not exactly what I came to see.
  9. Tall Cowboy

    Tampa Vacation

    Anything my wife and I must do or see in the Tampa area in June? We're staying between Clearwater and St. Pete.
  10. Tall Cowboy

    Massey 2015 FB predictions for OSU.

    Seems more like 50 or 55% than 39% then since they were close, we won both, and K-State is not projected to be any better than us this year. Taking offense was in jest.
  11. Tall Cowboy

    Massey 2015 FB predictions for OSU.

    I take offense at giving us a 39% chance to beat K-State at home! The others seem legit.
  12. Tall Cowboy

    Basketball rule changes proposed by NCAA

    Teams already can only carry over a max of 4 timeouts to the 2nd half, I think. Does this mean they take an add'l away, so 3 max?
  13. Tall Cowboy

    NBA-DL Finals: Moe Baker

    Best rebounding guard I've seen at OSU including Smart considering their height difference. Under appreciated due to his injury.
  14. Tall Cowboy

    Men's basketball @ Baylor

    Fantastic position to be the 5 seed in KC with Baylor and Texas sweeps. Good chance of 4 seed. Guess that wouldn't make much difference. Terrific win.
  15. Tall Cowboy

    Safe ROM downloads?

    Haven't downloaded an emulator ROM in a long time. Wanting N64 Star Wars Rogue Squadron, but Norton is giving me the thumbs-down on safe downloads. Anyone have this one or recommend a site?
  16. Tall Cowboy

    2015 Projected Depth Chart

    Devin Davis done for sure or just too big of an unknown?
  17. Tall Cowboy

    Big-12 Season and Bowl Projections.

    Might add Texas Bowl. Between Russell and Liberty, I believe.
  18. Tall Cowboy

    OSU releases response to NCAA investigations, post SI article

    How can we trust a man (Smrt) with no vowels in his last name.
  19. Tall Cowboy

    The ants will save us

    I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.
  20. Tall Cowboy

    Early Retirement

    I appreciate everyone's responses. Interesting that 86% of those under 50 would retire today but only 60% of those over 50 would do the same (as of 9:20am on 4/24). Small sample size, but still... What about retiring when you have kids still at home? Would it spoil their work ethic or stain...