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    Official 2010 NFL Draft Thread

    Not sure anyone in the Oklahoma area will be airing the Dallas Cowboys press conference, but The Ticket in Dallas is,
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    Orange On In.....

    Richardson, TX
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    Game on Radio in DFW?

    We never get OSU games here in the MetroMess.
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    On My Way Home . . .

    NYC Poke, Where do you work in Manhattan? I go there once a month, our office it at 48th and Lexington.
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    Indiana Fans

    Wow you guys must have not been in Section 32, there was a bunch that booed everything OSU, and then continued to tell us how bad we sucked, then at the hotel the Hampton @ 48 and University all we heard was how much OSU and all fans suck. So again all it takes is a few a-hole fans.
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    With Gundy or Against Him

    Not so much Buddy, Coop, Dumham and Miller the Hardline are all lined up like little ducks behind Jenni
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    Tailgating questions?

    Speaking of that field any body know how muddy it is? I'm one of those RV's that are normally there and it was too muddy for FAU. Stop by the Dolphin and say howdy.
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    Hello Cowboy friends!

    Is there a visiting RV lot? I looked at the UGA web site and there was nothing for 2007.
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    Anyone in NYC?

    I will be in NYC for business the remainder of the week and is the OSU-Uo game on anywhere? I am staying in mid-town. TIA
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    New York, New York

    I am so bummed I spend one week a month and as luck would have it my week is next week!!! Dang Customers and their needs.:D Get to Little Italy and stuff yourself all those restaurants are great. BB
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    Bump, Sorry to be a PITA.
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    I would like to ask anyone in the Stillwater area how much rain you are getting. We normally park our motor home in a field between Duck and N West. I am afraid that it will be too wet to park there so we need to make alternant plans. TIA FYI - we are finally getting some rain here in...
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    Now is the time...

    We will be there with bells on!!! Now if the weather cooperates, which I am starting another thread for help from the locals.
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    Cowboy football on radio in DFW?

    Unfortunately if you do not have internet access you will be out of luck.
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    Houston game tickets

    Did y'all order from OSU or Cougar High(UofH)?
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    Around the Big XII south -DMN-

    I guess I have lived here too long. I really freak out when I actually see anything about OSU in the Dallas Morning Snooze or the Forth Worth Startle Gram.
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    What do you do?(2006)

    Re: What do you do? 20 year Telecom Boom and Bust survivor!! Have done everything from climbing polls to selling multimillion dollar systems. Currently doing system engineering for Nortel, in the Enterprise space. Born in Seminole, OK grew up in Moore America.
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    Road Games

    Houston, Tech, And WOO HOO I am coming to all Home Games!!! :D :D :D