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  1. crimsonhater

    OSU Cowboy Fans Reporting On Big 12 Teams

    I think LR gets them going for a loooong time. He’s young and energetic and knows the system. Look at all the trophies and NFL players, easy to recruit there. New facilities will keep them up at the top. The thing about Lincoln is he gets it. Subtle things like switching to Jordan and having NFL...
  2. crimsonhater

    OSU Cowboy Fans Reporting On Big 12 Teams

    The thing about UT a&m and Baylor and getting some elite recruits is that they sell them on being a 3 and done, 3 yr starter and making millions. Kids like this and sign. Ten they get there, become a 2 or 3 & don’t get to start. The continuity and cohesiveness isn’t there. Saw it many yrs ago in...
  3. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Longer it goes it feels like us. I mean why wait two months then pick Bama? Why not do it after visit? Haven’t heard a thing about Bama
  4. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    He runs by everyone
  5. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 QB Brendan Costello Committed to OSU

    High quick and smooth release
  6. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Correct. But if he’s a Michigan top 2 interest which I’ve heard a long time then I would assume he would go visit. Just curious if anyone has heard one way or the other? Cmonn 24th!!
  7. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Daxs noise has slowed down quite a bit. This 24th race has my curiosities peaked. I saw on twitter he has an official scheduled to Michigan Sept 15th. Anyone know if this is still on? Bc if so I don’t think the Aug 24th race video would do anything for OSU’s chances
  8. crimsonhater

    Josh Pierre-Louis FINAL 3 MBB

  9. crimsonhater

    MBB Euro Trip

    CAM SLAMMMM!!!!!! This dude jams like an NBA All Star!!!
  10. crimsonhater

    QB Situation

    Dru has played many D1 games, TC hasn’t. I think TC starts but I think Dru takes over. More options with him and he’s tough
  11. crimsonhater

    Open BBall Practice Updates??

    Thank you so much!!! Anything on Duncan, Calloo or Weathers? Heard weathers is a secret stud this far. Yor reminds me of a pre puberty freshman playin on varsity. May not click for a year or two but once he gets his coordination and athleticism down he could have lots of untapped potential!
  12. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 General Recruiting thread

    Besides Dax it’s been pretty quiet. I’ll never understand jumping in to the Last ChanceU team with an offer to an elite player who has 20+ & blue blood offers everywhere? We have never gotten a stud we weren’t in early on that I can remember. We have several elite guys still targeting us...
  13. crimsonhater

    Open BBall Practice Updates??

    Anyone attend? Looks like a lot of energy and effort! Thoughts?
  14. crimsonhater

    CJ Moore

    They spend 40%+ of practice blocking & on the sleds. I have ZERO hesitations with blocking. If a kid can’t block he won’t play. Tyron has been around for 2yrs I think he will be developed to block by now
  15. crimsonhater

    Does OSU have a special "culture" ?

    There’s signs all over the facilities. It is to be respectful, say please a d thank you, treat women with respect, team first, hard working, mentally tough etc. says COWBOY CULTURE on there. This is one of the reasons we bypass some 4/5* kids because they do not hold up some of these if not...
  16. crimsonhater

    Men's Basketball 2019 C Armando Bacot

    Sometimes kids want to take a challenge and rebuild a brand. Plus OSU is selling the one and done which would be ideal bc then if the twins stay 3-4yrs that would open another scholarship after his one year. UNC might not be selling one and done. Idk their depth but sometimes young kids get...
  17. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    It’ll be over soon
  18. crimsonhater

    CJ Moore

    Tyron I’m glad has been here two yrs and learned the culture & got to watch JW. Big jump going from a 5 Star to the complete package draftable WR! Excited for him & some 1on1s. He prob gets bracketed like JW which opens RB and slot screens. Wish we would show some 2 & 3 RB sets....damnnnnnn
  19. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Both articles are a year old. Theirs is almost 3X for HC and 2x for assts. it’s incredible the success we have maintained & would love for Dax to come here! I personally think, knowing several people who know him well, that he wants to carve his own niche. OSU is not as illustrious as it was...