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  1. andylicious

    How Can I Cure My White Guilt?

    I'm just thrilled that I can identify as redneck, that pain of white privedge must really suck.
  2. andylicious

    Rudolph to start Thursday?

    Could Rudolph get his first start before Mayfield?
  3. andylicious

    Jury orders Monsanto to pay nearly $290M in Roundup trial

    Ah hell, Antimonkey butt will be next.
  4. andylicious

    Progressives are Tyrannical

    Comrade, we do not have to utilize the F$&@ing bomb. We must continue our propaganda of intolerant tolerance, social media exclusion, and MAGA hate. Its the young we must influence comrade, the young. Hail to the people, Vladamir Putin
  5. andylicious

    Shenanigans in Kansas GOP Governors run off race

    What's even more hilarious is the same exact thing applies to the final governor's race.
  6. andylicious

    Baylor Thread (Big 12 Sanctions Added)

    About as legit as making an assistant coach and wife come to the head coach's house so they can be counseled by the HC and wife. Makes perfect sense.
  7. andylicious

    NY Congressman Chris Collins arrested by FBI for Insider Trading and Lying to FBI

    It's different than the Hillary Tree: 1st comes Willy and Marriage 2nd comes the Rose Law Firm 3rd comes making $100,000 off Cattle Futures in a bad year for cattle 4th comes Whitewater Development (no telling how much was made there) 5th comes Vince Foster's untimely death 6th comes...
  8. andylicious

    'We Have to Regulate Every Aspect of People's Lives'

    I was going to comment immediately but I am awaiting permission from the good councilman since he knows what's good for me.
  9. andylicious

    The Organic Industry Is Lying to You

    How can any food not be organic? It all is carbon based.
  10. andylicious

    Baylor Thread (Big 12 Sanctions Added)

    Its rumored the French Football team is now negotiating with Urban
  11. andylicious

    Hey, Media, You Started It

    Somebody needs to take Acosta out behind the woodshed and work him over like a rented mule. He's an ass
  12. andylicious

    Does OSU have a special "culture" ?

    No contest, Walt
  13. andylicious

    The Ballad of Randy Quaid

    That sewage gas from Christmas Vacation caused some major damage or the aliens used to long a probe
  14. andylicious

    Former ou coach...

  15. andylicious

    Trump admin mulling changes to Capital Gains taxes

    maybe, the question comes back to how many different ways do we have to tax people? There are ways around the tax to some degree, I know the need for taxes I don't like them when they seem to be repetitive
  16. andylicious

    Trump admin mulling changes to Capital Gains taxes

    My point is if you are selling a business like a farm Capitol gains almost precludes the sale due to the way Capitol gains are paid. It isn't just the 1% that this would benefit. Its middle class people to upper middle class people that have paid property tax and income tax on the business for...
  17. andylicious

    More Ohio State wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about sexual abuse when he was coach

    Looks like the lesser OSU has problems in all its sports
  18. andylicious

    Trump admin mulling changes to Capital Gains taxes

    No, if you want to sell your business or farm to a child you pay Capitol gains
  19. andylicious

    Does OSU have a special "culture" ?

    I would agree or a bronzed horse trailer and Cadillac, I always heard that was his signing bonus at Dallas