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  1. okstaterocks

    Looking to buy 2018 Football parking pass

    Anyone going to be selling a parking pass for football next season? Golden Spur is fine! If anyone has 1 to sell or an extra to get rid of please pm me or email Use to always have a parking pass but due to the pricing increase couldnt justify the donation this year...
  2. okstaterocks

    2 tixs 4 sale in secton 305 for the OSU/UTSA game sept 19th

    Lowering to $75 a piece OBO can meet this Saturday at season opener or make arrangements.
  3. okstaterocks

    2 tixs 4 sale in secton 305 for the OSU/UTSA game sept 19th

    They are my season tickets row 5 in sect 305 the permeant seating on south side behind cowboys bench tickets located in Canton but can make arrangements and/or meet at the season opener hit me up if interested pm or email ......asking $75 each OBO face value is $175 per.
  4. okstaterocks

    Selling 1 extra ticket to bball game vs Arkansas and Sunday games

    Can meet you before the OSU game tonight seat is in 2-L row 2 seat 11 asking $10 a ticket. Thanks and Go Pokes!!
  5. okstaterocks

    Looking for 2 for OSU/Maryland Mens Basketball

    If anyone has any good seats at a decent price looking to buy 2 can pm me or email! Thanks and Go Pokes.
  6. okstaterocks

    Selling 2 tickets for Home Opener vs Missouri State

    I have 2 tickets for sale section 305 row 5 row seats 17&18 the permanent hard back seats on the south side. Face value is $170 per ticket asking $220 total for both or best offer!
  7. okstaterocks

    Weather for Super Regional

    The forecast for last night had the storm complex forming and moving in closer to midnight and just after but nothing happened until just before sunrise in much of central Oklahoma. The NWS is forecasting the highest chance of rain for Stillwater after 1 which is the same forecast they had last...
  8. okstaterocks

    Free online ticket printing (super regional)

    FINALLY they have fixed it. I just printed my tickets off NO CHARGE and allows you the option to save the tickets to be printed off later.
  9. okstaterocks

    Free online ticket printing (super regional)

    I called OSU ticket office this morning spoke with Ashley she was unaware of the FREE printing but after speaking with a manger she said they are now testing to see why it is still charging?? She said to try re-printing later today and if still not working to give them a call again.
  10. okstaterocks

    SOLD OUT!!!

    I was on hold for 26 mins and 35 secs but was able to get tickets!! I tried every browser you can but always said sold out for me.
  11. okstaterocks

    Looking for 1 KU ticket

    If anyone has 1 KU ticket for sale hit me up not concerned about location just want a decent priced reserved seat NOT A GENERAL ADMISSION please. Shoot me a pm or a text message 1-580-886-4653
  12. okstaterocks

    1 FREE ticket to WVU

    Spoken for.
  13. okstaterocks

    Wanting 1 ticket to Cotton Bowl

    I am looking to buy 1 ticket hit me up if you have 1 for sale location does not matter unless its in the 400's not really interested in sitting that high unless the price is right ;-)
  14. okstaterocks


    Orange on in Hitchcock, OK!! Go Pokes!
  15. okstaterocks

    1 ticket for kansas game sect 305 on 48yd line

    Call or text also 580-886-4653 Bill
  16. okstaterocks

    1 ticket for kansas game sect 305 on 48yd line

    I have an extra ticket for kansas game today its in the permant chairbacks on south side sect 305 row 5 great seat!! Hit me up its CHEAP just dont want it to go to waste can meet in Stillwater
  17. okstaterocks

    2 KSU Tix

    Do you still have and how much? Thanks billy pm or text at 5808864653 plz
  18. okstaterocks

    K-State Ticket Giveaway (Done!)

    pick me pick me