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  1. osu_cowboy_007

    Boynton and recruiting

    Boddy Reid was a high 4* recruit not sure about XLK though.
  2. osu_cowboy_007

    Ogbah not a Lombardi Award semifinalists

    I stopped counting after 7 or 8 legit ones.
  3. osu_cowboy_007

    Sinor is a weapon!

    Very smart player, takes his time to kick if there is no rush that gives enough time for the unit to cover the punt.
  4. osu_cowboy_007

    James Washington is...

    going to play this game for a long time.
  5. osu_cowboy_007

    Wide Receiver Drops

    This is a very good group but I would say 2011 was even better. It had Blackmon, Cooper, Stewart, T.Moore, C.Moore, Anyiam, Harrison and Chelf.
  6. osu_cowboy_007

    Revenue Data

    Looked at the wrong row, still $109M is quite a lot of money unless it includes few constructions.
  7. osu_cowboy_007

    Revenue Data

    $113M in expenses?
  8. osu_cowboy_007

    Wide Receiver Drops

    I wish we use Mccleskey little more in the passing game, he is Josh Stewart type of talent with a better speed.
  9. osu_cowboy_007

    Official Survival Pool Week 10 2015

    Week 1: Navy Week 2: Duke Week 3: Kansas State Week 4: Houston Week 5: Northwestern Week 6: Toledo Week 7: Temple Week 8: Oklahoma State Week 9: Memphis Week 10: Baylor (72 points)
  10. osu_cowboy_007

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 10

    Baylor @ Kansas State Texas Tech @ West Virginia TCU @ Oklahoma State Iowa State @ Oklahoma Kansas @ Texas
  11. osu_cowboy_007

    OSU #14

    How in the world you rank Bama over Florida?
  12. osu_cowboy_007

    Props to Yurcich

    Flea flicker, but our specialist receiver for the flea flicker was suspended for the game.
  13. osu_cowboy_007

    Football Michael Warren, 2014 Safety, Lawton

    I think its going to be a Felix Jones type of mistake.
  14. osu_cowboy_007

    Kirk Herbstreit on Big XII conference football

    I hope we kill their dream.
  15. osu_cowboy_007

    Survival pool standing thru wk 9

    Top 10. :pistols:
  16. osu_cowboy_007

    Raymond Taylor

    Instead we got Devon Thomas.
  17. osu_cowboy_007

    J.Bean and any other injuries?

    I think we won't miss a beat with Owens, dude is really good.
  18. osu_cowboy_007

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    We could have a scored 100 if we wanted to on that day.
  19. osu_cowboy_007

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    I am glad we won't have to face Grant anymore, dude is scary good.