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  1. Alum in AZ


    I would cheat and put some of these together in a single statue. For example - Iba and Kurland, Inky and Ventura...
  2. Alum in AZ

    QB Situation

    Time to update your footer with the 2018 Golf National Championship!
  3. Alum in AZ

    What’s the ceiling for Justice Hill?

    Impressive sentence - He enters 2018 as one of only four players in school history to average 100-plus yards per game (the others: Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Terry Miller)
  4. Alum in AZ

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Now it is the Oklahoma State vs. Alabama championship we have all wanted for years!
  5. Alum in AZ

    NCAA Mens Golf Regionals

    Finished Round 1 in first place by 1 stroke over UNLV.
  6. Alum in AZ

    NCAA Mens Golf Regionals

    Can someone educate me on criteria for advancing to Nationals at Karsten?
  7. Alum in AZ

    New Jumbotron in BPS

    And they could do the opposite on the *inside* of the windows from the coach's offices... put up some kind of screen/image giving them a perpetual view of BPS. They could customize the view for each office - one could have a sunny day BPS, one could have a beautiful sunset over BPS, one could...
  8. Alum in AZ

    2018 NCAA Wrestling Championships

    I hope they can hire well off the momentum they have developed.
  9. Alum in AZ

    2018 NCAA Wrestling Championships

    All 7 are capable... C'mon Cowboys!
  10. Alum in AZ

    KD closing

    82/83 through 83/84 Kerr 4.
  11. Alum in AZ

    Which postseason snub was worse, 2011 football or 2018 basketball?

    True, but technically not relevant to the question, in my opinion. The winning snub is based on the merits of the qualification for the selection. That makes it really close between 2011FB and 2018BB. I barely select 2011FB since RPI has been a long-standing high-priority (albeit flawed)...
  12. Alum in AZ

    MBB vs Cyclones

    I looked it up. Underwood has been our only one-year coach. But Killingsworth and Sean Sutton were both only two-year coaches, so players from that era would have played for three different coaches.
  13. Alum in AZ

    MBB vs Cyclones

    And the seniors won in all conference venues with 3 different coaches. That's probably a record too, isnt it? (Or have we had any one-year or two-year coaches before?) (Excluding interim coaches...)
  14. Alum in AZ

    O'Colly's Top 5 OSU Guards of All Time

    Aw, why did you have to make a post with David Little included in the list and bring back bad memories??? ;) Pretty sure I camped out for prime student seating for that game...
  15. Alum in AZ

    O'Colly's Top 5 OSU Guards of All Time

    I loved watching that team. Seemed like first shot of the game was always Andrews from top of the key. As for the list, I'd probably agree with the recommendation to include Rutherford. Sorry, so hard to compare Hankins. Probably worthy, but difficult to span eras like that.
  16. Alum in AZ

    Official Game Thread: Texas Christian vs. Oklahoma State

    Time for #R2Wx3, Calling it now.
  17. Alum in AZ

    Awesome stats about our defense

    Reminds me a lot of Leslie O'Neal. Have to be careful about Oakman comparisons so far... lots of short games for Baylor starters too given their soft schedule (but don't misunderstand - I am not an Oakman defender!).
  18. Alum in AZ

    Besides OSU, who's your Second team you root for?

    If you had gone to the Gator Bowl in 1985 like me, Florida State would *NOT* be your 2nd favorite team.
  19. Alum in AZ

    Official Game Thread: Central Arkansas vs. Oklahoma State

    I must admit - I thought I was going to see a Mark Moore hit from the '80's and was a tad disappointed... But it was a nice hit anyway.
  20. Alum in AZ

    Anybody got on any orange today?

    My orange shirt today actually has 38-28 and 16-13 on it referencing the back-to-back Bedlam wins in '01 and '02. Looking forward to buying an updated version with 38-35 and TBD>tbd on it later this year! It has been too long...