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  1. OSUCowboy787

    Daniel Cormier - UFC champ x2

    Well actually he won't be able to fight until mid January since he joined the testing pool in mid July. I bet it will probably be on the Super Bowl weekend card which is usually one of their bigger ones as well. If I had to guess. He will also I think fight Shogun Rua at LHW later this year.
  2. OSUCowboy787

    Trump/Putin Debacle

    Not sure the meddling would have gone towards Trump as she allegedly took some $400 million in illegal campaign contributions with Russian ties. Not to mention her foundation issues or Uranium sales to Russia.
  3. OSUCowboy787

    Tweet of the Day

  4. OSUCowboy787

    Daniel Cormier - UFC champ x2

    Lesnar shouldn't even be in consideration for a title shot but the HW division is mainly trash right now. Stipe is pretty much all by himself and DC just demolished him. Lesnar can't even fight for at least 6 month during his required USADA testing pool period. Not to take anything from DC...
  5. OSUCowboy787

    Trump to get second SCOTUS pick

    Me too. The only thing they will have on her to bash her for is religion and the fact she has little experience on the federal level. Still how can far left feminists want to deny a woman on the supreme court?
  6. OSUCowboy787

    The Daily Schadenfreude

    Why on earth would he want to do that?!? Here take this grenade as its about to explode.
  7. OSUCowboy787

    Trump Admin to reorganize Govt?

    Yay Consolidating of government programs. I'm sure this won't include layoffs for like positions but one can dream.
  8. OSUCowboy787

    Bakery fires employees for no reason

    wonder if there will be a wrongful termination lawsuit incoming. Fired because they were possibly white and enforcing the bakeries own rules against what happened to be a black woman.
  9. OSUCowboy787

    The Dept of Health and Human Services looking at building tent cities on US Military bases for unaccompanied Migrant Children

    Ok, so we don't detain or jail them. Pay for several hundred buses and ship them back home. Problem solved
  10. OSUCowboy787

    Inspector general leak chart

    How did they compile these stats?
  11. OSUCowboy787

    Wacky news of the day

    Just a guess but she seems like the type who would be a 'tailpipe girl'...
  12. OSUCowboy787

    The Devil's Lettuce

    Full info here
  13. OSUCowboy787

    The Devil's Lettuce

    Yeah you could point to lung issues from smoking marijuana. Similar outcome to Cigarettes
  14. OSUCowboy787

    Tweet of the Day

    I'm not sure anyone on the inside would be gutsy enough to try a coup. Hasn't Kim already killed several relatives in the government for various reasons?
  15. OSUCowboy787

    Football 2019 QB Grant Gunnell

    Odds the kid transfers out of Arizona after a year or so like all Sumlins other QB recruits?
  16. OSUCowboy787

    The way forward in our country causing income inequality

    No such thing as 'too rich'. A CEO only makes too much when he is losing employees based on their compensation compared to other equitable companies.
  17. OSUCowboy787

    The way forward in our country causing income inequality

    So what would your solution be to make it so CEO's didn't pay themselves too much of revenues/profits?
  18. OSUCowboy787

    The way forward in our country causing income inequality

    The goal SHOULD be fairness of opportunity, not fairness of outcome. But the reinvigorated socialist Democrats want to dictate that everyone ties in the end. Participation trophies and whatnot.
  19. OSUCowboy787

    The Issues Thread

    You could say it was your generation politicians, whom you voted for, who took money from SS and used it for other things... The government has borrowed nearly $2.8 trillion as of 2014 from the Trust Fund and used the money for other purposes...