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  1. osupsycho

    Board Mod please...

    Hint for the new members, pay for the athletic village, it is worth every penny.
  2. osupsycho

    QB Situation

    Change that to pistol pete and I think we have a great shirt idea if Corndog wins the spot. Just don't let Porter or CRFF see it and steal it...
  3. osupsycho

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Well it is a BBQ being put on by a group that is known for throwing some money around so it might just be he wants some really good eats.... fingers crossed.
  4. osupsycho

    QB Situation

    I agree but it gives me the twitches to think about a QB carousel... At least this time hopefully it will be because guys get better and pass the starter and not because the starter gets worse or hurt.
  5. osupsycho

    QB Situation

    To sum up this whole mess I would say it is a combination of talent and chemistry. The problem I see with Brown getting here late is not so much his chemistry with the WRs but his chemistry with the whole team especially his OC and his play calling and even more so Yurcich's familiarity with...
  6. osupsycho

    QB Situation

    Sorry but I have to disagree with this in some cases, I lived through the Simmons era and Fobbs was the better player... Also I hate you now for dragging me into this convoluted mess :p
  7. osupsycho

    The left loses its cool

    Oh come on now, just make sure you find a place to sign the new petition 797 before the 8/8 deadline to hit 120K signatures (hint go to for signing locations) and watch this state implode when the electorate decides to make recreational legal come this fall... I can say that even the...
  8. osupsycho

    What’s the ceiling for Justice Hill?

    So what you are saying is all losses are to be placed at Gundys feet, and all the good things and even the fact that we are in a place where we can win most of our games he gets no credit for... :blink:
  9. osupsycho

    The left loses its cool

    He dead...
  10. osupsycho

    How will the tight end fit into Oklahoma State's offense?

    Plus a 6’6” WR, jump balls all day long!
  11. osupsycho

    2018 Thunder Offseason

    Melo has a no trade clause in his contract which means he can kill any trade his does not want. Due to this I am betting they just pay him off and send him on his way so they can save a bunch due to the salary cap penalties.
  12. osupsycho

    2020 QB Deuce Hogan Commits to Iowa

    Or he could see the writing on the wall and not want to ride the pine behind Sanders for most of his career.
  13. osupsycho

    Baylor Thread (Big 12 Sanctions Added)

    That is nice to hear. Just curious where are you hearing that from?
  14. osupsycho

    Oklahoma SQ788 IS NOT MEDICAL PAC Forms

    Now let’s see how the stupid politicians screw with it....
  15. osupsycho

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Of course everyone is assuming his brother will even come back next year. Justice could leave after this year and thus would not play with his brother.
  16. osupsycho

    Since the OAMC Class of 1927...

    Yeah but the flip of that is that Holder did not want to be AD. He had to be talked into it and realized the good it would do the university if he was AD and got Boones gift because of it so he even sacrificed there.
  17. osupsycho

    Breaking: Middle school shooting in Indiana

    That or we arm all teachers with basketballs
  18. osupsycho

    Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before 'armed citizen' shoots, kills him

    According to the woman who was grazed and whose daughter is the worst shot and daughters friend was also shot, this did not happen inside the restaurant. She said it occurred as they were walking in the main door and the shooter was hiding in the trees nearby. She said the shots were off as...
  19. osupsycho

    Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before 'armed citizen' shoots, kills him

    Normally I would agree but just checked and both cnn and fox actually have the story up. CNN even has it as its lead breaking news story
  20. osupsycho

    Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before 'armed citizen' shoots, kills him

    Police just had a press conference and confirmed the details (except it might have happened inside the restaurant). Only fatality is the shooter who was engaged by a civilian as he left the restaurant and killed. Did not verify if the civilian had concealed carry license but they did have a...