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  1. OrangeFanatic2

    Football 2019 QB Grant Gunnell

    Committed to Arizona.
  2. OrangeFanatic2

    Rewatching Camping World Bowl..

    You also need to realize how young he is. You'll see a major difference this season.
  3. OrangeFanatic2

    Spring Football

    Gundy feels this RB group could be as deep and talented as any in the country. Would like to lower Hill’s carries to around 16 a game and use RB by committee behind him. Says King is obviously a pound it out guy and then Hubbard and LD Brown bring the sprinters element to the game.
  4. OrangeFanatic2

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Would be great if we could establish a pipeline in Florida and then in the northeast with HCMB's connections to that region.
  5. OrangeFanatic2

    Boone Pickens Stadium

    I was at the game and the Defense made him uncomfortable from the start. You could just see it in his body language the entire day. Do the same thing these next 3 games and we're in the freaking playoffs!
  6. OrangeFanatic2

    James Washington is...

    Washington is really really good on the reverses and jet sweeps. That's one edge he has over Blackmon. He'll continue to improve on his routes, breaking tackles, field vision, etc... I think he's our next big time guy. Just needs to continue to have a good year and next season he will have all...
  7. OrangeFanatic2

    Football Prospects Visiting for the November 7th TCU game.

    Was wrong about Moore. He is here in attendance.
  8. OrangeFanatic2

    Obligatory uniform thread

    Im predicting something new..... Not sure what it would be though.
  9. OrangeFanatic2

    Who will have more wins?

    How do you feel about the ISU game? A lot of people are trying to say it will be a closer game based off of their performance last week against Texas... I don't see that happening in norman though. I think ou wins by 17 or more.
  10. OrangeFanatic2

    Boone Pickens close to Full

    That's hilarious. Thank you sir, I will now be using this!
  11. OrangeFanatic2

    Boone Pickens close to Full

    Hey, look for me also. I'll be the guy in the orange shirt. Lol
  12. OrangeFanatic2

    Boone Pickens close to Full

    Do you know what number we are at?
  13. OrangeFanatic2

    Football 2016 OL Tramonda Moore Committed to OSU

    According to his twitter, he announced he will be in norman. He's been to Stilly several times. Not really surprised he isn't coming this weekend.
  14. OrangeFanatic2

    Football 2016 OL Tramonda Moore Committed to OSU

    He'll be in norman this weekend.
  15. OrangeFanatic2

    Wide Receiver Drops

    2 guys in the top 10 in the Big 12? Ranked 6 and 7 to be exact... ou is the only other team with 2 in the top 10. Do we have any Blackmon's or Dez Bryant's? No. But is it a very good group altogether? Yes. You have 3 good slot receivers in Glidden, McCleskey, Hays. A guy who is tall enough to go...
  16. OrangeFanatic2

    Pokes vs Frogs Predictions

    Here we go... Pokes- 37 Frogs- 31 GO POKES!!!!
  17. OrangeFanatic2

    Wide Receiver Drops

    Ateman hasn't been targeted near as many times in the last 2 games compared to the games prior to that.
  18. OrangeFanatic2

    OSU #14

    I like it.
  19. OrangeFanatic2

    Las Vegas thinks we are losing by 5.

    I dang sure hope we don't get behind 17 points to these guys. But I'm not going to give up on this team until the 4th quarter ends because they've earned my respect in that area. They have guts and lots of fight in them.