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  1. baokbob

    Side trips from Stillwater to Branson?

    What did the fish say when he swam in to the concrete structure? DAM!
  2. baokbob

    Eddie Sutton documentary trailer

    Looks good to me.
  3. baokbob

    Can James Washington dodge the misfortune that cursed other Cowboys?

    Had me worried there for a second. So they are like everyone else. Trash write up.
  4. baokbob

    Kentravious Jones signs with OSU

    He may also grow 2 inches before the first game.
  5. baokbob

    Major Baseball Announcement Tomorrow

    What is the significance of the number "13" in the locker room in the renderings?
  6. baokbob

    Major Baseball Announcement Tomorrow

    No way. To you it may look a lot like ONEOK. To me it looks like a nice baseball park.
  7. baokbob

    Basketball Open Practice

    I will skip how the open practice went. You know the Season now. Maybe there will be more at the next open practice in Tulsa in 1918.
  8. baokbob

    How come I can't find all my old posts?

    I was doing those but it seems like it skips a bunch of posts between 2018 to 2015.
  9. baokbob

    How come I can't find all my old posts?

  10. baokbob

    Ladies vs Miss St

    Great season though Ladies. Thanks.
  11. baokbob

    NIT: Cowboys vs Western Kentucky

    Go Cowboys!
  12. baokbob

    Cowgirls vs Syracuse NCAA Round 1

    Not sure how to correct your question.
  13. baokbob

    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

    Four periods has people messed up.
  14. baokbob

    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Do you have a list of the previous winners and their rewards?
  15. baokbob

    Will Men's Basketball Get 20 Wins?

    YES over an eight year period.
  16. baokbob

    OSU vs TCU tomorrow (free admission)

    Just curious, who will win the othe 9%?
  17. baokbob

    Punt Again Bob tshirt

    I dont remember the year but Cale Gundy was the QB for OU and Pat Jones was the coach for OSU
  18. baokbob

    Is OSU-TU basketball game on TV? If so where and when? Thanks.

    It is not only about moderation but also about pacing.