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  1. OranGE-KK


    So NOW he understands the seriousness of impartiality & political influence??? F-ing hypocrite
  2. OranGE-KK

    QB Situation

    Double dose, Focker
  3. OranGE-KK

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Did you read who dropped the other 8&7 victory? Now that we are ecstatic from #52, it doesn't sting as bad... Patrick Effing Reed over Peter Uihlein
  4. OranGE-KK

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Looks like '78
  5. OranGE-KK

    Speaking of Mayfield vs Rudolph

    Really went out on a limb there
  6. OranGE-KK

    Baker Mayfield - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    Wait, you went & gathered quotes from Rutherford? Welcome to the board, Rook!
  7. OranGE-KK

    One Dead After Engine on Southwest Airlines Flight Explodes, Woman Almost Sucked Out Window [Update

    First fatal accident for Southwest Airlines in 50+ years of operation.
  8. OranGE-KK

    If Trump resigns...

    Ok, all this is really interesting, but I haven't been able to get past this one's day 2 & nobody's brought up the title? Turmp
  9. OranGE-KK

    OU Basketball closer to Hot Garbage or a flaming Turd?

    No "flamming" is French; garabage may be more....Italian?
  10. OranGE-KK

    NCAA Tournament

    Now everyones bracket is wrecked! Not a 16 over a 1; a 16 seed over THE 1!
  11. OranGE-KK

    Tweet of the Day

    Can't wait to see Maxine P. Waters get into a twitwar with Sean Spicier!
  12. OranGE-KK

    James Washington is...

    way faster than I thought
  13. OranGE-KK

    Ogbah not a Lombardi Award semifinalists

    I wonder if Pat saw the play where Ogbah ran Boykin down from behind 5 yards downfield on a scramble? I'm no expert, but it looks to this know-nothing fan like Ogbah plays damn hard.
  14. OranGE-KK

    Does everybody realize....

    I'd almost rather see us and OU take care of business & set up Bedlam to be for the Big XII title & CFP. I'd be fine with Baylor being mathematically eliminated, you know, since they are all rapey & stuff.
  15. OranGE-KK

    Get on board.....

    Been on board for a while; but co-signed anyway!
  16. OranGE-KK


    Still enough football left for Boykin & Fournette to play their way back into it.
  17. OranGE-KK

    Official Survival Pool Week 10 2015

    I tried that before, you'll still get boomed
  18. OranGE-KK

    Herp Derp We won't get into the playoff even if we finish undefeated

    I thought they got hosed. Then I watched how they butchered their final 0:17 of chance to win (which they had a good shot) and then I changed my mind. They deserved to lose, and they should be out of our way.
  19. OranGE-KK

    Herp Derp We won't get into the playoff even if we finish undefeated

    So are we done with this stupid thought yet?
  20. OranGE-KK

    OU does not want statue of Bob Stoops.

    I passed this on I35 on my way to Ft Worth. It really looked like some redneck bought a 6-7 foot bronze statue at a farm auction & was headed home with it.