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  1. cowboyinexile

    AV Membership

    If I remember it was immediate
  2. cowboyinexile

    AV Membership

    @CasperPoke11 @BeatOU @snuffy
  3. cowboyinexile

    Football 2019 OL Preston Wilson Committed to OSU

    This should be the gif for the rest of our class. Holder: Gundy your class sucks Gundy: hold my beer Henson: no, hold my scotch Dude with salty offers: hai Dude with salty offers: hai as well Henson:
  4. cowboyinexile

    North Korea and United States Summit

    They are always threatening to nuke us only to comply for two seconds when we give them attention. It's just a dog and pony show. We live in a world where North Korea is our ally and Canada is our enemy. That is really weird
  5. cowboyinexile

    Trump complains he can't watch porn in White House

    This argument is bs. It's beyond obvious Trump has a smart phone. If the wifi has a filter he just needs to use his own data for 10 minutes or so. Easy peasy Also he is the leader of the free world. If the dude wants to watch porn he has someone who will make it happen. Hell if he is into...
  6. cowboyinexile

    Crisis at the National Archives (Obama records missing)

    Do you find it interesting that the last 4 or so Presidents have been considered "worst president ever" by the opposition? Because I do. To be fair I care alot less than I did a couple of years ago. I think the guy is a moron (we are practically in a cold war with Canada know-how big of a...
  7. cowboyinexile

    Crisis at the National Archives (Obama records missing)

    Current occupant notwithstanding
  8. cowboyinexile

    The Devil's Lettuce

    I saw the sessions meme on Facebook and wanted an excuse to post it here. Sessions and Trump seem to be at odds these days. Which one do you support?
  9. cowboyinexile

    The Devil's Lettuce

    I take it you support legislation
  10. cowboyinexile

    Trump calls for Russia to be reinstated to G-7

    So would it be ok to invite China? They are the biggest dog not at the table. I know nothing of the politics behind this so maybe there is a reason there
  11. cowboyinexile

    The Devil's Lettuce

    Trump says he is likely to support ending blanket federal ban on marijuana I wonder what Mr Sessions has to say about this
  12. cowboyinexile

    Football 2019 QB Grant Gunnell

    We need to keep in touch. Our biggest issue is he thinks OCMY is due a HC gig and he was worried about a different OC when it's his time. Best of luck to the kid and we have Sanders on campus so we are fine at QB long term. But if he decides Arizona isn't what he wants I'd rather we stay in...
  13. cowboyinexile

    Annnnd.... she'd be dead here.

    To be fair if she lived in an open carry state here she would be within her rights
  14. cowboyinexile

    NFL owners change policy (Major Update: Owners testify Trump directed them to change Policy)