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  1. OrudisKP

    Trump announces new military branch

    USAF has the Space Command, so it is in their territory at this time. But IMO there's really not a need for a separate force until the military starts to actually have manned missions of their own.
  2. OrudisKP

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    Can you imagine Joe C ever saying anything critical of Stoops or Riley? If he did, don't you think that would be huge news? I loved listening to Holder's honesty and candidness in the interview, but it was not helpful in his relationship with Gundy or the football program as a whole. However...
  3. OrudisKP

    Trump authorizes $6.6 million in funding to Syrian Civil Defense also know as White Helmets

    So humanitarian aid is reckless spending? Or it is only if it's going to help Muslims?
  4. OrudisKP

    House GOP drafts proposal for US Govt to Fine states that block Off Shore Drilling

    Wonder if these same fines will be applied to states that block offshore wind farms?
  5. OrudisKP

    North Korea and United States Summit

    The only thing that this agreement might have accomplished was denuclearization, nothing about the human rights abuses going on in NK. NK building nukes has always been about ensuring this regime stays in power. Build them and test them and the world freaks out. Then, you give them up in...
  6. OrudisKP

    Bizarre story about Scott Pruitt comes to light

    That has nothing to do with this topic, and it doesn't change the facts that have been reported by many outlets. Have fun in your bubble. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  7. OrudisKP

    Bizarre story about Scott Pruitt comes to light

    It's amazing how quickly you just completely disregard the facts of this matter. This isn't based on just some unnamed source. Even SHS is accepting it as truth.
  8. OrudisKP

    The Racism Treadmill

    This statement says a lot about you and is perhaps the biggest problem in the political discourse today. The point the author is trying to make is probably something that you would mostly agree with, but he insulted Trump in the first paragraph, so you ignored the rest.
  9. OrudisKP

    This Scum Was A Member of the Keating 5
  10. OrudisKP

    Interesting Read on Mueller

    Thanks for the link, and my apologies for not being as web savvy as you.
  11. OrudisKP

    Interesting Read on Mueller

    Just based on the url, there's no way I'm clicking on that link.
  12. OrudisKP

    Millennial's - Should we cut them some slack?

    So, let me get this straight. Parents and teachers create an environment where no child experiences failure or adversity, and then you blame the children when they grow up to feel entitled? This is entirely the fault of previous generations.
  13. OrudisKP

    One Dead After Engine on Southwest Airlines Flight Explodes, Woman Almost Sucked Out Window [Update

    This probably is just a product of the age of these engines. They're going to have to improve their inspection methods and intervals to make sure this doesn't happen again (already happened in 2016 with no injuries that time). There's no way an engine manufacturer would rely on China for a...
  14. OrudisKP

    Secret Agents of the Deep State

    You make a lot of assumptions about what I believe. All of them incorrect. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  15. OrudisKP

    Secret Agents of the Deep State

    You guys are going to be really disappointed when you find out that this fictitious Deep State is not in fact Hydra and Trump is not Captain America.
  16. OrudisKP

    Trump considering rejoining the TPP..Ag Dept setting up new program to aid farmers hurt by new Chinese Tariffs

    Well, if those trade agreements are hard, then he should just stick to trade wars since they're easy to win. :rolleyes:
  17. OrudisKP

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    The time for spending reform was the preceding 10 years where funding was slashed. Where was the urgency to do that then? Meanwhile, schools have suffered and it has reached a boiling point. I would love to gain some cost efficiencies, but right now, let's just ensure that the schools get...
  18. OrudisKP

    Former George W Bush/Obama spiritual adviser charged with Fraud and money laundering

    Republic of China bonds from before 1949? There's a sucker born every minute.
  19. OrudisKP

    Bedlam Baseball

    There is already the 3-game series in a few weeks. Anything else cannot count towards the conference standings. The schools started the non-con game a few years ago to bring back some on-campus games and generate a little excitement. Also, it's good for the strength of schedule.
  20. OrudisKP

    MBB Schedule 2018-2019

    This is bad news for the UTRGVs and TAMU-CCs of the world. Less programs are going to pay them for "guaranteed wins" anymore. Could really hurt their athletic departments.