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  1. CowboySterk

    Ps vue

    I'm in Nebraska now too. I tried YouTube TV, and I really liked it. Like someone else said, try it for a month, if you don't like it, try YouTube TV.
  2. CowboySterk

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    Interesting thing to bring up... I think the only comparable is basketball, and we actually have pulled some top tier talent there on a consistent basis despite fairly poor results on court: Marcus Smart Lebryan Nash James Anderson all five stars in recent years. Plus many more 4 stars when you...
  3. CowboySterk

    Football 2019 QB Brendan Costello Committed to OSU

    Before anyone blows this out of proportion, he obviously hasn't played any D-1 football yet, so who knows how he'll turn out. His game highlights remind me of Baker Mayfield a bit- has enough on his throws to get there, very accurate in highlights, moves a lot in backfield then drops dimes, and...
  4. CowboySterk

    2018 Thunder Offseason

    I'd be surprised if Melo was in a Thunder jersey next year. It's just a matter of how it happens. I don't think he walks from the money, so he'll either request a trade or get bought out. Both sides are motivated, the Thunder can't afford him and couldn't find a way to make him work, and Melo...
  5. CowboySterk

    Oklahoma City Thunder playoffs

    No room for error now... Hope they can make a run. A ton of off-season implications waiting in the wings.
  6. CowboySterk

    Major Baseball Announcement Tomorrow

    Video and renderings here:
  7. CowboySterk

    New Season, New Team

    Sounds like he's committed now. What are everyone's thoughts? I would prefer Tony Allen, as I think he sets a defensive tone and mentality for the whole team.
  8. CowboySterk

    OSU Ticket office offers buy one, get one free deal for TCU and Baylor games

    Not near as upsetting as having to go and watch a certain person coach...
  9. CowboySterk

    Thunder vs. Magic last Friday

    Yeah, that's more what I expected to start the season with a new coach, KD coming off of injury, and KD playing with new people like Kanter. Turnovers have been huge for us, as we've had a ton. I'm sure they will settle in soon. The game tonight against the Bulls will likely be tough too. It...
  10. CowboySterk

    OSU Ticket office offers buy one, get one free deal for TCU and Baylor games

    Ah yes, you're referring to matching OU Hair and belly button diamond Treasure Troll!
  11. CowboySterk

    Herp Derp We won't get into the playoff even if we finish undefeated

    A one loss team won't get in over an undefeated Big XII team. However, there is only a 27% chance that OSU, Baylor, or TCU goes undefeated. The only one loss team I see making the playoff out of the Big XII will be OU, because they will get the votes/nods.
  12. CowboySterk

    Seales is playing this weekend

    If you get a DUI while being on the football team for falling asleep passed out in the What-A-Burger drive throu, you probably have a problem with drinking. If you then get another DUI with twice the legal limit of alcohol in your system, it's highly likely you have a drinking problem. I'm all...
  13. CowboySterk

    If you were a huge OSU baseball fan during the Ward Era, this is a must-read

    Yep, Ward was the only reason I was good hitter. I always went to his camps as a kid.
  14. CowboySterk

    Props to Yurcich

    It is a play that teams practice and run. If you watch it in slow-mo replay, it looked intentional to me. At the least, the hail mary is designed to have multiple people in the same area to catch tips, etc. I bet 8/10 times Glidden catches it.
  15. CowboySterk

    Seales is playing this weekend

    I agree entirely. Thanks for the posts.
  16. CowboySterk

    Props to Yurcich

    I, among many of us, have had some disappoints in some of the games Yurcich has called this year. Props where props are deserved though, he had inventive play calls and called a heck of a game against Tech. Granted Tech is horrible at defense. All game we gave ourselves a shot at scoring...
  17. CowboySterk

    Thunder vs. Magic last Friday

    Both games have been classics so far this year. If you see the Magic game on re-run from last Friday, watch it! Just to give you a little heads-up. The Thunder were down 75 to 93 heading into the fourth. The Thunder exploded for a 42 point quarter. KD hits a three to tie the game with seconds...
  18. CowboySterk

    Oklahoma City Thunder 2015-16 Season

    Oops, I thought he was just under. Thanks for the correction.