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  1. Dez4Prez2012

    The Dept of Health and Human Services looking at building tent cities on US Military bases for unaccompanied Migrant Children

    Why wasn't this a story under past Presidents? It all seems contrived as the latest attempt to try and stop Trump. Unless you were saying Obama was running immigrant internment camps and Bush was heartless child hating monster than just admit you're only in this discussion for the politics of...
  2. Dez4Prez2012

    Crisis at the National Archives (Obama records missing)

    Anyone check Hillary's computer?
  3. Dez4Prez2012

    Trump complains he can't watch porn in White House

    Just make porn in the White House like Clinton did
  4. Dez4Prez2012

    NFL owners change policy (Major Update: Owners testify Trump directed them to change Policy)

    Now Trump is calling on the players to bring to him pardon suggestions. He's outmaneuvering them. If they don't reach out and work with him, then their protesting over criminal justice issues was all just for show, the players look bad and Trump looks good. If they reach out, help and work with...
  5. Dez4Prez2012

    Obama Admin had secret license with Iran to allow Iran to sidestep US sanctions in Nuclear Deal

    Nothing to see here Scandal free presidency He said so himself
  6. Dez4Prez2012

    What matters more to you substance or style

    Id rather have someone act 'unpresidential' and get things done than someone act the height of 'presidential' and fail actually being president 10 time out of 10. Trump Hypothetical future Republican or Democrat Presidents Doesn't matter Getting things done matters infinitely more, to me than...
  7. Dez4Prez2012

    World's First Psychopath AI (this can't be a good idea)

    There is no stopping them; the robots will soon be here. And I for one welcome our new robot overlords.
  8. Dez4Prez2012

    NFL owners change policy (Major Update: Owners testify Trump directed them to change Policy)

    Whatever you feel about Trump is irrelevant in this particular story. It doesn't change that he is going to win this. He can afford to have half the country not like him over this, half the country hated him already and he became President. The NFL thrived on being an apolitical escape. The...
  9. Dez4Prez2012

    Guatemalan Volcano Fuego Erupts Killing Dozens

    Breaking News on CNN: Hawaii AND Guatemala have volcanic activity at the SAME TIME? Why the rise in the Trump Era?
  10. Dez4Prez2012

    Court rules against Colorado cake shop in same-sex marriage case

    Maybe I'm just having a crazy thought here, but what if we just get government out of stuff like this. Let the free market decide. If you own a restaurant go ahead and refuse to serve black people. You'll your name out there in public for refusing to serve black people and you'll lose ever...
  11. Dez4Prez2012

    Starbucks Employees Say 'Bias' Training Was Mostly Anti-Cop Propaganda

    If only there were camps I could go to in order to reeducate myself and concentrate on those subjects
  12. Dez4Prez2012

    Starbucks Employees Say 'Bias' Training Was Mostly Anti-Cop Propaganda

    Businesses should really just do what the business was meant to do. Starbucks - serve coffee to customers That's it. The End
  13. Dez4Prez2012

    NYT: “We Ran Out of Words to Describe How Good the Jobs Numbers Are”

    I choose to believe the writer of that article did so with tears running down their face, typing with one hand as they ate from a big tub of ice cream with a giant oversized spoon in the other hand
  14. Dez4Prez2012

    Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

    Somebody should think of a way to get rid of half of earth's population with the snap of a finger. That'll solve a lot of problems
  15. Dez4Prez2012

    Keeping it Classy: Leftist Comedian Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka a 'Feckless C***'

    People have been insulting other people because of their political beliefs since politics began. The problem these days no one stops to think 'I'm telling this political joke. If someone were saying this about someone I liked would I 'get it?' Would I laugh too?' or 'If someone insulted who I...
  16. Dez4Prez2012

    Tweet of the Day

    Whoever wrote up the transcript can't spell
  17. Dez4Prez2012

    Tweet of the Day

    If you look into the case they were pretty heavy handed with him. Threatening to add charges and lock him up for 5 years. Like the last post said, not everyone who pleads guilty is guilty, sometimes it's a risk/reward scenario. Say you were in a scenario Option A: Plead guilty to a charge...
  18. Dez4Prez2012

    Trump to impose total ban on German luxury car imports?

    The chances of this being true are 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%
  19. Dez4Prez2012

    Keeping it Classy: Leftist Comedian Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka a 'Feckless C***'

    Worse than 'feckless c***' is right after that she tells Ivanka to wear something tight and low cut to do something to convince her dad. This is Trump and by extension his family's greatest ability. Sometimes it's reactionary to a Trump quote or move, and sometimes its just completely on their...
  20. Dez4Prez2012

    Tweet of the Day

    Six years ago today Trump tweeted: Perhaps @BarackObama's biggest shortcoming as President is he failed to unite the country. I wonder if they know they are admitting President Obama failed to unite the country when they are "owning" Trump