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  1. StillwaterMan

    Athlon rates Big XII coaches

    All of this is I agree with. I just don't think he is the best of the bunch today. KSU is not running at the level they did Snyder's pre-retirement years or his early post retirement years. They are just no longer competing for titles like they once did.
  2. StillwaterMan

    Athlon rates Big XII coaches

    Snider was the best of the bunch, but now he is 3-4. Whipped Gundy's ass this year, but we generally get the best of them. He is not the #1 coach in the Big 12 anymore. He reached that status before he retired and never regained it. #3 is about right. Herman belongs behind Holgerson and...
  3. StillwaterMan

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    And when gamedays come around, how often do we have less talent on the field than the other team? Once a year......possibly twice. We won the league in 11 should have in 13, played for it in 15 and 16, and last year featured a roster that had a damn good chance. OSU is in a good place. There...
  4. StillwaterMan

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    The Jumbo was private funds, the banners turned into a fight, and Salary is not what I was referring to. We recruit substantially higher nationally as compared to what we spend on recruiting. In terms of recruits/spending ratio we may very well be the best in the country. If we are to...
  5. StillwaterMan

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    I'm not speaking of Gundy's salary. It's sufficient. I'm speaking more to recruiting budgets and little things like getting banners installed in the practice facility without any backlash. We are not going to outspend some of our competition, but we need to take advantage of every reasonable...
  6. StillwaterMan

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    Yeah, I mean our Golf program is special, but nobody is spending 50-100 million a year to try to best it.
  7. StillwaterMan

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    If Holder wants 5* recruits he better be asking "how high" every time Gundy says "jump".
  8. StillwaterMan

    Vegas odds to win big 12 (football)

    Oh I get that. Vegas is just trying to keep up with the betting. ESPN just recently had an article showing all kinds of movement in early single game lines......folks are laying it down on UT and Vegas is compensating to the tune of 6+ points in some cases...
  9. StillwaterMan

    Vegas odds to win big 12 (football)

    Also, the fact that we lost so many names are are getting this love is another sign that we are well respected.
  10. StillwaterMan

    Vegas odds to win big 12 (football)

    I figured WVU would be #2 returning the most proven QB. The folks putting their money on Tom Herman and Texas must know something I don't.
  11. StillwaterMan

    Cowboys vs Sooners MBB

    Most media I have heard from disagree with Lunardi. He is trying to predict a lot of things, and I don't think a 11 point beat down was one of them
  12. StillwaterMan

    What is better for us (Baylor/0u)?

    Been thinking about this and I think it all boils down to whom you believe we have the better shot at beating. I'm thinking we have the best shot against Baylor.
  13. StillwaterMan

    Say it isn't so........OU has been replaced

    The difference between Baylor and OU......people actually respect the Sooners.
  14. StillwaterMan

    Are you kidding me? - OSU should play with a chip on it's shoulder.

    Yes. They still have to beat LSU though.
  15. StillwaterMan

    We ain't no fraud

    If we go 12-0 we don't deserve a playoff spot? I challenge you to elaborate on how the Big 12 is worse than the other conferences. I'm gonna bet a 6 year old will be able to punch holes in any argument you try to paste together.
  16. StillwaterMan

    TCU game time set @230

    Screw 6pm games. I'm happy with this.
  17. StillwaterMan

    Oh great Tech week is coming

    I had no idea TT had last that many dudes on the O-line.
  18. StillwaterMan

    Rank the difficulty of our remaining schedule

    We play Baylor in 4 weeks. I really doubt we see SR for that game. As far as his backup I have no doubt that he is talented but his stats are deceiving as he has come in against already poor defenses that where dragging their jaws across the field due to fatigue.
  19. StillwaterMan

    Homecoming prayers please

    Thankful that your family is OK.
  20. StillwaterMan

    Second half of the season predictions.

    LSU at Bama that weekend. Sucks but true.