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  1. OrangeInPhilly

    Non chain hotels and lodging

    Chalfont Motor Lodge, Chalfont, PA
  2. OrangeInPhilly

    Athletics Construction Progress

    If somebody steals it off the BPS porch, it should be easy to find.
  3. OrangeInPhilly

    Athletics Construction Progress

    I saw something from OSU on facebook this morning that said it's all up but the screen.
  4. OrangeInPhilly

    What is OSU's Plan to Reduce the Cost of Higher Education?

    Shop around. Cost of attendance at OSU is significantly cheaper than most other state schools around the country.
  5. OrangeInPhilly

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Actually, if you click on any of the scores on that golf tracker website, it will open the strokes for each hole.
  6. OrangeInPhilly

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    The man has a fairly significant history of adultery. I doubt that changed just because he became a Republican or because he lives in a white house instead of a gold one. The man has done well for the country so far, in my opinion, but morally he is a sleezeball.
  7. OrangeInPhilly

    2018 Bracketology Tracker

    I like this team and will support them no matter what. That said, I don't think they belong in the tournament. They have shown no ability to win consistently, even against mediocre competition. We have no chance at being the best team in the nation. I do think, however we could be the 69th...
  8. OrangeInPhilly

    The Most Bizarre College Football Playoff Field That’s Still Actually Possible

    I'm clearly ok with the #1, but I think an undefeated Temple team needs to get in over Pitt.
  9. OrangeInPhilly

    Human DNA Found In Hot Dogs, Study Says

    MMmmmmmm . . . tastes like human.
  10. OrangeInPhilly

    Forbes 10 Best College Towns

    This article would be much more interesting with some description of the towns, or maybe the names of the schools in those towns, or maybe some justification for why they ranked each specific city in its specific place. Otherwise, this could be a pretty random list, and the author really seems...
  11. OrangeInPhilly

    October 23, 1976

    I was not yet two years old, so I was probably toddling about the house while my parents were considering the making of my sister.
  12. OrangeInPhilly

    OP.Com's 12th Birthday

  13. OrangeInPhilly

    Besides OSU, who's your Second team you root for?

    2. NC State - I went to seminary just outside of Raleigh 3. Wyoming - I spent the first 3 years of my career there, went to a lot of football games, and had season tickets for basketball 4. USC - moved to LA at the beginning of the Pete Carrol years. Game day at the coliseum is amazing. 5...
  14. OrangeInPhilly

    Uniform Predictions: West Virginia

    I don't know if K/K/K is allowed as a road uniform.
  15. OrangeInPhilly

    Thomas Sowell Argues Income Inequality And Institutional Racism Aren’t Really Problems

    For many of them it certainly seems that way. My church started a food pantry a couple of years ago. In that time, I have had the opportunity to get to know lots of poor people in my area, and I have worked hard to help some of those who were homeless to get back on their feet. What I have...
  16. OrangeInPhilly

    Big 12 games week 4

    If you knew what they were doing to the city this weekend for his visit, you would understand.
  17. OrangeInPhilly

    Big 12 games week 4

    I'm taking my son to the KU game just to get away from the Pope mess here in Philly. I'm just hoping for an entertaining game.