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  1. PickleRick

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    When he walks into Stamford, TX, a small high school, he walks out with a Biletnikoff winner...
  2. PickleRick

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Stillwater is also 220 miles closer than Northwestern... doesnt appear location from hometown really played much of a part in where he wants to go to school. Hope you are right though.
  3. PickleRick

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Just ordered this one for myself...
  4. PickleRick

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    I hear ya - a bit surprised as well. Though, his last tweet was like four days ago and it was to promote the Cowboy Golf Camp. So, I'm sure once he has some free time he will unleash something to support the team's accomplishments.
  5. PickleRick

    Mason2Washington continues

    Yes. Fanhood is a sacred bond - and mine begins with Oklahoma State University. Furthermore, in the Rule Book for Being a True Fan by Bill Simmons, it is 100% acceptable to follow your favorite college sports stars to a professional team. Please, allow me to direct your attention to Rule 19 of...
  6. PickleRick

    Mason2Washington continues

    I've been a Dolphins fan my entire life and am really trying hard not to be too emotional about what happened last night. But, boy it is tough not to consider trading in my Fins card for a Steelers card right now...
  7. PickleRick

    Gundy - Look at me again

    Once upon a time you and I were going to debate about whether his actions were too Kardashian or not... Those were simpler times...
  8. PickleRick

    Gundy - Look at me again

    Nick Saban was on ESPN with Marty Party jumping off a dock into a lake. And yes, OU is our largest rival - no question. But everyone calling you out about your insecurity here is spot on. There is hatred between us and them, but there is also respect. There is nothing wrong with Gundy showing...
  9. PickleRick

    Mike Gundy, Lincoln Riley, Philip Montgomery and a tonal shift in college coaching

    Great article - thanks for sharing. However, I am terrified of the direction this thread is about go.
  10. PickleRick

    Boynton Unfazed as Cowboys Reconstruct Roster This coach, man. Everything he says gets me excited about the future of this program. I cannot say I feel really good the way he does (Sima leaving still hurts - I thought he was going to be a...
  11. PickleRick

    Ahead of schedule, Tulsa Memorial’s Boone twins commit to OSU

    When is the last time we had a wave of front court commitments like this?? Awesome news to start the week!
  12. PickleRick

    Gundy - Look at me again

    Thank you for the compliments. It is nice knowing other people recognize my skill set. You have skill sets as well. You are very good at taking posts about Gundy loving life and turning them into an indictment on his performance against OU. I'm really not trying to attack you or single you out...
  13. PickleRick

    Men's Basketball 2019 F Kalib Boone Committed to OSU

    Holy smokes - what a day for recruiting!!! Great start to the week!
  14. PickleRick

    Gundy - Look at me again

    So, Gundy's approach of taking his shirt off in April is costing us games vs. OU in the fall? Can you walk me to that logic? I'm not trying to be condescending, I just honestly cant get there. Help me out here. When Justin Gilbert had a rare dropped interception, which gimmick of Gundy did you...
  15. PickleRick

    Gundy - Look at me again

    lol good grief - lighten up. If you have a problem with his behavior then you take life way too seriously. I'm glad he doesnt. Keep popping that shirt off, Coach! Keep having fun and making the most out of your life coaching your school! #ifyougotitflauntit #getalifejimmythegeek #heswonplenty
  16. PickleRick

    Men's Basketball 2018 SF Ed Chang

    Looks like he signed with Washington back in November. Did he pull out of that?
  17. PickleRick

    Rickie Fowler takes on new TV role to help tell story of Oklahoma State golf program Looking forward to seeing this!
  18. PickleRick

    The 2018 Masters

    Rickie has been playing really well - just has been unlucky with birdie puts. The announcers are keeping count now of how many have lipped out. The number is up to six.
  19. PickleRick

    Men's Basketball 2018 PG Courtney Ramey

    lol what?!
  20. PickleRick

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    I agree with you on Ramey. My gut tells me he is pretty much a lock for Missouri. I have no evidence to support that, other than it is just the sense I get about it. I really, REALLY, hope I am wrong. For what it's worth, I thought David McCormack was a lock to OSU - so what do I know?! I'm just...