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  1. OSU1983

  2. CowboyFan15

    Cowboy 24 From Bixby
  3. OSU79

    Federal Marshal From Back home in God's (Green) Country
  4. P4L

    Sheriff From Kenosha, WI
  5. jetman

    Federal Marshal From Edmond Oklahoma
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  6. LivinOrange25

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  7. chieforange

    Deputy From SE Oklahoma
  8. PokeJ

    Sheriff 61 From McKinney, TX
  9. Exit 174

    You win or you die. From Behind Enemy Lines
  10. TommyCarioca

    Greenhorn 58 From US
  11. orangemoose

    Cowboy From Jackson Hole, WY
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  12. Osu stuff

    Greenhorn 32 From Ohio
  13. Jostate

    CPTNQUIRK called me a greenhorn
  14. Knuckleball

    Wrangler 38
  15. internationalaw

    Reading about OSU football somewhere From USA
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