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  1. marshmo

    Wrangler 43
  2. Anadarko Poke

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    I'm Your Captain! 67 From In the Boondocks in Creek County, Oklahoma
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  4. William McEwan

    Cowboy 31
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  5. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Territorial Marshal From On Tour with the Gap Band
  6. PistolChad

    Galaxy Stranger
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  7. the truth

  8. NTXPoke

    Wrangler 57 From Stillwater, OK
  9. NYC Poke

    The Veil of Ignorance
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  10. skirtguy

    We gotta go! 32 From Stillwater, OK
  11. Herecomesbullets

  12. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Cowboy From Fort Worth, TX
  13. turnpike17

    Matty Light 32 From SE OK
  14. C0WB0Y

    Greenhorn From Edmond
  15. eatonwannabe

    Wrangler From Madill
  16. scottishorangemen

    Boo boo bus driver From My Recliner
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  17. cowboyfan12

    Mmmmmm... Bacon From Enid
  18. Cowbot

  19. SLVRBK

    Johnny 8ball's PR Manager From Katy, TX
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  20. OSUPsych

    Deputy From Charleston, SC
  21. OrangeInAustin

    Deputy 38

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