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  1. agentorangepower

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  2. NYC Poke

    The Veil of Ignorance
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  3. JimmytheGreek

    Deputy 45 From Texas
  4. GodsPeace

    Joshua 1:9 39 From Stillwater
  5. ramases2112

    Territorial Marshal 26 From Inside the Basket of Deplorables
  6. Carneyman14

    I wanna be formal, but I'm here to party 30 From Minneapolis, MN.
  7. sportsfan89

    Deputy 47 From Near Ardmore, Okla
  8. cowboyup58

    Cowboy 59 From florida
  9. jetman

    Federal Marshal From Edmond Oklahoma
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  10. Like A Boss

    Wrangler 24
  11. kaboy42

    Territorial Marshal

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