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    George Floyd

    Now doctors are involved. Protest at Oklahoma State Capital at noon today. White Coats for justice, or something like that. And Black live matter doing a protest at SE 44 and High for the death of someone while at the county jail (not sure who the person is). Source: Channel 5 news this morning.
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    George Floyd

    First I've heard, after catching a Dan Bongino show that aired a few day ago, that Chauven and Floyd knew each other. Maybe this is old news; but this is an interesting bit of information.
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    George Floyd

    Joyce Gilcrest, working during the Robert Macy years.
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    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    Late to this party. I personally carry a Ruger LCP 380. and I have a NAA 22 LR sitting at the office as a backup gun. Used to carry a Glock 19, but way too heavy for me. People poopoo a 22 LR but it comes down to personal comfort and ability to shoot the caliber. My hands and wrists aren't...
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    George Floyd

    This is not an isolated incident. The militarization of the civil police force for the drug war has created a demon of monumental proportions. The officer and his buddies should go to jail for a long time. But this won't change until there is a fundamental change in civilian peacekeeping...
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    seems to me oSu is loaded for fall ...

    If Sanders is having a hard time and he can't work through it, or the game demands it, put in Illingworth. It doesn't have to be a permanent change, just let Sanders gather focus. But do sit him for awhile if he having problems.
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    How Totalitarianism Arrives

    I still don't get this mindset. Who exactly can we vote for? This is why people don't vote, because all we got is either, Trump or Biden (or whoever the Dems replace Biden with). This is also why the system is broken beyond repair, as the right to vote has been reduced to impotence by two...
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Never thought about the whole chain closing down. Haven't been back since the crap started. Ran a search and their website has locations that are open. Have to call tomorrow and find about this one in MWC.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    I've wondered about Golden Corral. A new one opened close to me about 8 months ago. Love going there, but will admit, a little hesitant about going back too soon.
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    New College Baseball Model

    Like it lots. Good to hear this moving forward
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    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    Passed to a better place. He will live on in memory.
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    Vacuum Sealers

    Wondering if anybody uses a vacuum sealer. I'm looking at Chamber vacuum sealers, like the Vacmaster 215. Looking for input and opinions on what type people are using, pros, cons, best, worst, etc. If you've got one you like please post about it, and add photos.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    This is sickening. Why don't we start our own product delivery business. We could call it Orange Power something, something. Maybe the advertisers on board can think of a catchy name.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Not sure why this is shocking. Isn't this the purpose of isolation/quarantine. Those people who had it, but quarantined are now starting to show symptoms 14 days later. At least they're not out roaming around the countryside.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Just think what would happen if there is a food shortage.