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    Cowboy Basketball: vs UMKC

    Good win. The boys played better this outing. Interested to see how the young players do for a road game. Charleston is no slouch.
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    Watson suspended from team

    rape kits not only look for seimen, but for tears, scratching, bruising, and signs of forced entry, or violent action. Also, the examiner will look for physical signs of force, underneath the fignernails, knuckles for bruising, clothes torn, etc.
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    Cowboy Basketball: vs UMKC

    Orange On in Del City!
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    Rudolph & ZRob QB Article...Great Alumni Read

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    James Dean has a new movie coming out next year

    Heard about this. But why?
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    Pokes IN CFP

    To me this is the reason to expand to eight or more teams in the playoff. I'm not interested in watching the SEC play itself.
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    Cowboy Basketball: vs ORU Game Thread

    Orange on downtown OKC! (PS: looks like there's two game threads)
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    Delays on ESPN+

    Had no problems watching the girls play tonight. No delays or stutters.
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    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Fantastic get. Somewhat surprised to be honest.
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    NCAA to allow players to be paid for their likeness

    Personally, I really hate this idea. College sports is supposed to be "extracurricular", and secondary to getting a degree. Change that status and the fundemental concept of college sports changes to professional status. The entire institution of college is lessened even more than it already...
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    Big XII Games Week 9

    Baylor now sitting at the top of the conference, undefeated. Not a very comforting thought.
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    How is Oklahoma doing as a state?

    If it did, on November 1st, it goes away, along with the permits. Unless you just really want to put on sticker on your forehead.
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    How is Oklahoma doing as a state?

    We're also a constitutional carry state now.
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Do you have money on this?
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    20 seconds of anger, doesn't fix long term problems. He should really get off the Ambien, bad shit.