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    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    Even if we win 3 of 4, we’d finish 7-11 in conference. Only once has a big12 team with a losing conf record made the dance. And they were 8-10. It’s not gonna happen unless we win out and win at least 2 in the tourney or we win the tourney.
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    Chu Ba !!! ??

    although there's no restriction from players or family for taking out individual injury policies. the ncca policy works like an employer disability/life insurance policy, but you can always add to that
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    Chu Ba !!! ??

    All depends on his draft projection. He’s rated as 6th or 7th top back by some, putting him in the 2nd-4th round. If he stays and has another great year, he’d be a top 5 pick. So lots of upside to stay another year, but then again that comes with risk. So only Chuba knows for sure
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    OSU Coaching changes thread

    so either gundy convinced or dunn recanted and agreed to stay, likely earning a promotion. then what's with the rumors on monken returning? i don't see where there's room for him... what am i missing?
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    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    We’re tied for 3rd at 5-4 with Iowa State, K-State and Texas. While Iowa State and Texas are 7-5 overall, we’re 8-4 overall along with K-State. Tiebreakers are only used to decide the two teams for conference championship. No tiebreak rules for the rest of the season standings. And bowls...
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    Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

    ISU vs Texas is basically a pick em, even spread. ISU is not a 7 pt favorite.
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    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    Only way bama makes the CFP is if LSU loses 2 of 3 and bama makes the sec champ game and beats UGA.
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    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    Except for the fact that Alabama would not be a conference champion and OU would be. Equal # of losses, conference champs to trump non conference at large
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    My dreams are slowly coming true

    Yet to be seen. Recruiting/signing talent is only half the battle. Just ask Travis Ford.
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    Week 10 big 12 power rankings

    Because they pass the eye test. Baylor doesn’t.
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    The next 3 games will define our season...

    Herbstreit one of our faithful?? Ha! I take no credence in what he thinks. He picked UT to win the big12 and make the CFP.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    Why why why why why would you burn a time out so you could punt? Horrible piss poor coaching
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Frank Solich called, said be careful what you wish for.
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    Big 12 week 6

    Nolaeer - go post on a WV board, no one gives a crap about WV on an OSU message board. it doesn’t take a genius to realize that 4 turnovers effected the outcome of a game.
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    RBs and Heisman Trophy

    Typical gooner comment