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    Eddie - Some Good ESPN Write-ups

    We have reports that he's in the Hall of Fame.
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    Message for Men's Basketball seniors

    Frank Bonner II's season recap here. Excerpt... Also on MBB note, Bill Haisten's column today...
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    Blake Jarwin

    From Frank Bonner II... PS: The Tulsa World has dropped its paywall on all the coverage related to the coronavirus. Find all the coverage on our Special Report page.
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    OSU Pro Day

    Our gallery with 27 photos is here Also OSU pro day-related from Bill Haisten...
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    Football Spring Practice| Cancelled til March 29th

    We have some photos up from spring practice here From Frank Bonner II...
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    Pokes Wrestling @ Big 12 Championships in Tulsa - Saturday and Sunday

    Congrats on your weekend success. Sunday photos here and Saturday photos here Additional coverage from Dekota Gregory: More on Nick Piccininni... And from Guerin Emig...
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    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    Recap from Frank Bonner II... Frank (an Indiana University alum) also recapped what it was like to be in Allen Fieldhouse for the first time
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    MBB: Cowboys WIN 83-66 Against the Oklahoma Sooners. HCMB 4-6 last 6 games. Next up #1 KU on Monday

    Congrats on the Bedlam win. Here's game photos and more coverage from Saturday. Also, in Guerin Emig's latest Big 12 rankings, he speculates about the postseason possibilities for OSU... PS: Sunday's sports cover:
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    Eddie Sutton: Basketball HOF Finalist - 2020 version

    Today's Tulsa World editorial on the subject...
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    MBB: Chris Harris Jr. out for season

    From Frank Bonner II...
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    Eddie Sutton: Basketball HOF Finalist - 2020 version

    From Bill Haisten... Also, our editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante did another cartoon on the HOF issue.
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    MBB: Texas Tech vs OSU Sat at Noon

    Notes from Frank Bonner II... Also, in honor of the 1995 Final Four team, here's a throwback gallery