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  1. Triton Poke

    M. Pena

    What is the situation with Pena? Grades?
  2. Triton Poke


    Do you think CBS will put any pressure on the NCAA to lift our tourny ban this year. I would think CBS and the NCAA would want the top pick in the NBA draft to be on TV should the Pokes have a strong record.
  3. Triton Poke

    Who we rooting for?

    West Virginia over ou and Iowa State over the Horns...right?
  4. Triton Poke

    Any news on appeal?

    From what I recall, we appealed the NCAA decision on sanctions regarding Men's Basketball in June. Anyone hear any news on this or heard when we might hear news on this?
  5. Triton Poke

    Horn's recruiting

    Did Urban Meyer leave Ohio St on his own or was he urged to retire? If he left on his own, he should just stay retired. Meyer at UT would be like Saban at Bama.
  6. Triton Poke

    Who is the new FB commit?

    Gundy posted his The stampede continues tweet an hour ago.
  7. Triton Poke

    Is there an update on Sanders?

    Is there more info on his injury than a lower extremity injury?
  8. Triton Poke

    Dunn is in over his head

    How do you know Gundy wasn't influencing play-calling as he is notorious for, especially OC's that are new.
  9. Triton Poke

    Thomas To Become Inaugural Inductee Into OSU Football Ring of Honor

    LSU wears white jerseys for every home game.
  10. Triton Poke

    PJ ( thread about Pat Jones)

    Dang, thought this was a post about my favorite band. Sad face.
  11. Triton Poke


    Welp! That got political quickly! My points were: 1.damn Dabo makes alot, 2.)damn Dabo's assistants and office personnel getting cuts, but not him and 3. I thought Gundy was near the top in salary, turns out he is in the middle of the pack of the Power 5. The coach in Norman makes $2 million...
  12. Triton Poke


    I just read an article on ESPN about college coaches who have not had their salaries reduced due to COVID loses in athletic budgets. Some of the salaries made me about fall out of my chair. Dabo Sweeny makes $9.8 million per year, and his salary has not been reduced but other staff and...
  13. Triton Poke

    The AD list?

    There is a thought in athletics that ADs should keep a list of head coaches they are interested in just in case. You have this story re-surfacing from 1989, Sam Mayes claiming Gundy was racially insensitive to him in 2004 and former OSU football players tweeting that Gundy used racially charged...
  14. Triton Poke

    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    Amen O just tweeted he tested positive for COVID.
  15. Triton Poke

    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Let me know how it turns out.