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    JW Walsh

    while he isn't allowed to recruit off campus he can be involved in recruiting on campus. and, his familiarity with the denton/dallas area can be helpful.
  2. the truth

    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    Asst coaches (and HC's) interview for jobs for various reasons. the conspiracy theories that some fans come up with is comical. a list, in no particular order: -stature in the coaching community. some osu fans may not understand the pull that leagues like the B10 has in the coaching ranks. is...
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    OSU and the Big 12 vs Power 5 Conferences Data

    after all the info in that graph, you still don't get it do you? "on average we finish 3rd", blah, blah, blah! EVERY conference is that way. the only exception (slightly) is the PAC12. there are one or two (at most!) dominant teams in each conference, period, over the last 10 years (and likely...
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    Sunday (Wednesday) Morning Coaches - .357 Magnum Edition

    defense A- ??? if u give up 34, and your offense has no turnovers, your defense sucked. with a backup qb for the entire second half!
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    uhhh, and this has been known for awhile now. once osu filed it's appeal the ban was stayed. another announcement was made yesterday regarding this very thing. at least until the appeal is decided.
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    The crying about the OC thread.

    lots of headscratching takes in this? so we gameplanned for 4 turnovers vs texas? that's gotta be a first. maybe the coaches believed it was to our advantage to turn it over 4 times. but hey, you do you. be nice to know if you wake up with your head up your ass everyday or if you alternate days?
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    Texas Tech

    Elite? Clemson, yes, as i said above. Georgia has been a powerhouse for years. Especially in recruiting. UCF isn't elite and neither is Cincinnati. Good teams and programs, but not elite.
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    Texas Tech

    relative, but elite? clemson is one program that has climbed to elite status in recent years. located in the southeast in a hotbed of talent with plenty of money. here's the point i was trying to make. it's really, really difficult to move up the ladder. we made the jump from terrible fb team...
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    Texas Tech

    i too am old. i hear or read the younger people say osu should be this or that. should hire this guy or that guy. but i know the deck is stacked against osu. for a myriad of reasons. name me 3 schools in the last 20 years who have jumped from being a decent program to the upper echelon of...
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    Texas Tech

    i haven't watched a bedlam fb game since i attended the 2011 game we won. i give my tickets away and never turn the tv on. went to bed saturday nite and woke up sunday morning and still didn't know who won till i got the paper.
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    Texas Tech

    not to mention that our te's have skillets for hands.
  12. the truth

    Texas Tech

    they aren't void of talent, but they aren't playing well on offense from what i've read.
  13. the truth

    Texas Tech

    maybe, but he mentioned the tt qb bowman.
  14. the truth

    Texas Tech

    baylor talented? well ok? they have a qb that hit the jackpot last year with some talent at the skill positions. a coach that knew what he was doing. this year? not so much. their defense is playing better than offense. sound familiar? expect a low scoring (relative to past b12 seasons) ugly...
  15. the truth

    Crazy B12

    so we're allowed to pick and choose? who have they played besides missouri st., tt, ku, and tx (taking away their ot points)? so do we take away our points vs tx in ot also? by any measure their O has come on, while ours is stuck in suck land. i understand injuries play a big part of our lack...