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  1. The Poke

    Texas baseball at OSU

    If the boys can close out the regular season at the current win % they'll be right at 34-18. The 2016 CWS team was 35-18 at the end of regular season and then got smoking hot during the regional and super.
  2. The Poke

    Baseball @ KU

    Pitching change
  3. The Poke

    Baseball @ KU

    Funk homers 10-2 Cowboys
  4. The Poke

    Baseball vs WSU

    At this point I'd settle for awful. It's worse than that.
  5. The Poke

    Baseball vs WSU

  6. The Poke

    Baseball vs WSU

    Those were some pretty sliders once he settled down.
  7. The Poke

    Sean Sutton about to win a National Championship

    And speaking of replay - in the NC game you have about 1,000 more camera angles and some of them shooting like a zillion frames per second. I don't think that call would have ever been overturned in any other game than that one.
  8. The Poke

    OSU baseball tied #1 in Big 12!

    Big 12 games coming up next weekend. Should be a good weekend of baseball. Would love for TCU and Texas to each win 2 of 3. TCU at Oklahoma West Virginia at Oklahoma State Creighton vs. Kansas State Kansas at Texas Tech Texas at Baylor
  9. The Poke

    Baseball vs TCU

    How would the announcers in the booth have a freakin clue about what Schloss discussed with the umpire?
  10. The Poke

    Tuesday Bedlam baseball

    It was never clear to me exactly what was being challenged. They talked about catchers interference, not touching the plate or possibly not touching first?
  11. The Poke

    Tuesday Bedlam baseball

    I don’t think we’ve lost to these guys since the Bedlam series of our CWS year.
  12. The Poke

    OSU - KSU Baseball

    Where is Rex? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The Poke

    Baseball March 6th

    "Ward hates him..." Get in line.
  14. The Poke

    Baseball season opener VS UTRGV

    Thanks. Got it to work in Safari but wanted to Chromecast it to the TV from Chrome.
  15. The Poke

    Baseball season opener VS UTRGV

    Strange. The other feeds on that page work.