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    Fowl play? Lol that sounds like a bird porno
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    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    This is why you have zero friends in life
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    DMN -- No one is picking OSU to win versus Texas

    That's either how we kill them or die, but I agree that will be the look all game
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    DMN -- No one is picking OSU to win versus Texas

    No the band playing outside of the stadium is Gin Blossoms. Jesus if we havent heard those two songs they had enough for a lifetime. All the weeks prior, and to come, they have some pretty great acts, but of course the only game I ever get to is Gin Blossoms
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    Austin Recommendations

    Nope, would rather have I hop than kerbey lane breakfast. but we all know you are the expert on everything, every subject, everywhere
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    Austin Recommendations

    I live here, Don't listen to the goon on kerbey lane, the whole menu is overrated, unless you want go sit down somewhere and only eat queso.
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    OSU schedules 4 game series with Arkansas

    My grandfather before he passed away told me when he was at tamu before he went to Korea they would chant "what comes out of a chinaman's ass, Rice Rice Rice
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    Men's Basketball 2019 C Hidde Roessink Signs with OSU

    ANYBODY who can run, guards the court, and can make a 3 foot chip shot in traffic (demuth) will get plenty of minutes. He may not be the most effective one of the newcomers but this team is starving for that right now. I bet he can be very useful next year in a limited setting, when dazagwa is...
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    Cowboy baseball vs. WVU

    Who’s winning?
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    Cowboy baseball vs. WVU