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    Gundy’s comments today

    After reading this post, apparently, some people are. :runaway:
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    MBB: Big 12 MEGATHREAD. Quarterfinals: #8 Cowboys vs #1 Jayhawks (ESPN/ESPN2 @1:30PM)

    apparently, a decomposing half eaten bat in Wuhan won it all. (planted by the CIA, of course).
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    I'm no medical genius or professional, but there is some data: and an OK doctor is recommending zinc: Certainly you are right...
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    I was mostly serious, really. Load up on zinc and practice solid hygiene. We lived there 2 years and loved it, regardless of @SlurrrPup 's shade. All of the military cemeteries are beautiful. It is a nice drive along the coast all the way from Anzio to Gaeta. We lived in Gaeta. Terracina is...
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    I say go for it. Bargains galore for flight and lodging, most likely. ;)
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    fair enough.
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    how does it not pour out the bottom? :confused:
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    OSU Coaching changes thread

    I would have been okay in the 80s being trapped in an elevator with Melanie Griffith..
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    The Mandalorian

    A Panny plasma has a better depth of field and color than many TVs out there (my opinion). It's a pity most people don't even realize how good of a picture that technology produced.
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    Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

    Uhhh. The #1 RB was an AA/HOF NFL back (his first two years). And Sanders arrived at oSu weighing <180lbs or so. Actually, I credit the coaching staff with letting his body mature before throwing him into real CFB. PJ may well be an idiot, but...........
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    Annnnndddd, Enter Bloomberg

    why the hell not? He's taken a hard look at the field, and found it "wanting", as I'm sure all moderate Democrats have.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    So if you have lost so much interest, why are you on a sports board whining? You don't care about watching the games, but you do care about bitching to others about it. That is not "providing a data point". That's taking a dump and sitting in it. And your coworker is not a "major problem"...
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    That's because all you could see of gundy was the tip of his head outside of his turtle shell on those possessions, and Campbell knew Gundy didn't have the cajones to really do anything other than hand the ball to Chuba.
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    DMN -- No one is picking OSU to win versus Texas

    LSU threw for over 100 yards more against Texas than against Georgia Southern, or NW State. DBU. heh.