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  1. swamppoke

    OSU is a 3.5 favorite opening...

    I believe last year their last 4 possessions were turnovers. Kolar is a good player, but he can be accounted for.
  2. swamppoke

    10/24 - Baylor @ Texas

    You seem to be a little mixed up on "who forces who" regarding the B12 Conference and UT.;)
  3. swamppoke

    SIAP: Illingworth recognized among top true freshmen

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  4. swamppoke

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    Rivalries aren't limited to a single sport. Certainly, there are, "football rivalries", and OU/UT is one of the most famous, along with UM/tOSU, and ND/USC (off the top of my head). But there are also true school "rivalries" - like Army/Navy, oSu/OU, (historical) UT/aTm, probably UF/UGA...
  5. swamppoke

    Baylor suspending all football activities...

    It's doubtful they'll even play Texas (24th), and their bye weeks don't match. TCU? maybe.
  6. swamppoke

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    of course they do. If Arkie had a B-8 rival, it was oSu - we played them home and home quite a few times -46 games is a lot in a non conference matchup. Arkansas got tired of UT bossing around the SWC, and when the opportunity presented itself, they left.
  7. swamppoke

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    Arkie would never leave the SEC to join a conference with Texas in it. Ever.
  8. swamppoke

    Your "First-10" Ring of Honor Nominees?

    maybe I'm wrong, but I thought they put Eddie's name on the court before his "fall from grace". Timing is everything.
  9. swamppoke

    Your "First-10" Ring of Honor Nominees?

    I think to be in a "Ring of Honor", it takes both Performance, and Character. Fenimore, Sanders, Miller - they pass that test. I don't think any coach does with less than 10 seasons as HFC. The name should be synonymous with Oklahoma State. Will they vote Nick Saban into the LSU Ring of...
  10. swamppoke

    Android TV (suggestions?)

    Well, to me a plasma has a better picture than anything sub 4K. LCDs just don't look "natural". Nothing wrong with that old Panny. But I understand. I do see the older Shields going for around $100 on CL - and they're worth it if you don't need 4K and Atmos and such.
  11. swamppoke

    Android TV (suggestions?)

    I'd buy a used NVIDIA Shield TV before a new Fire TV. Fire TV is a glorified raspberry pi. Love the Shield and it's pass through video and audio capabilities, and the speed. But sub $100 ain't in it.
  12. swamppoke

    Post Game Thread WVU edition

    Ya think? Maybe OU will drop a spot or two as well? Wait.....:confused: The Texas win was "impressive"? When they're "back"?
  13. swamppoke

    Tulsa Post Game Thread

    The oSu QB's name is - Illingworth. Literate fans should be able to spell his name.
  14. swamppoke

    Dunn is in over his head

    You must be quite young, or just totally missed the 1990s.
  15. swamppoke

    Congratulations to the Great State of Texas

    this is absolutely the stupidist thing I have read from you on this board, bar none. well done. you've peaked.