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  1. SouthTulsaPoke

    New Football Uniforms

    Love the current uniforms with the kerchief motif. I vote that we go the other direction from traditional and mix it up like Oregon does. I think that would be a huge boost to our recruiting. Unless we’re recruiting a bunch of cranky sixty-somethings like those populating this thread.
  2. SouthTulsaPoke

    Jelani Woods

    It’s more likely he’ll end up at some school like GA Southern or Georgia State or Coastal Carolina.
  3. SouthTulsaPoke

    Missing basketball Players?

    There was talk during his recruitment that he might not be immediately available due to academics.
  4. SouthTulsaPoke

    Football Seniors returning in 2021

    Ogbongbemiga will enter the draft and will be a third or fourth round pick.
  5. SouthTulsaPoke

    This is what happens...

    Another “fan” who needs a reality check. We lost our starting QB on the second series of the game. We had to put in a JC transfer who only had the benefit of one day of Spring practice and about 10% of the snaps in Fall camp. While he was trying his best in the first half, two of our starters...
  6. SouthTulsaPoke

    This is what happens...

    Has anyone explained to you about how decimated our offensive line is? When you have 3 star Freshmen starting, vanilla is the outcome. Sorry if reality makes you want to puke. Try Pepto.
  7. SouthTulsaPoke

    What would you like to see in a new Football Head Coach

    I vote that we keep Gundy, keep winning twice as many games as we lose and let him retire in five years, to join Sanders, Thomas and Waldorf in the College Football Hall of Fame.
  8. SouthTulsaPoke

    Bye Week Blues!!!

    Showing dogs in Texas.
  9. SouthTulsaPoke

    Where's our WR depth???

    And now your snappy response about Martin?
  10. SouthTulsaPoke

    Where's our WR depth???

    Throw in that Sanders is so nervous about turnovers, that he won’t throw to anyone not wearing jersey #2, unless they’re wide open.
  11. SouthTulsaPoke

    Football Injury Updates

    Sterling was back in the game late. Was he 100%? But at least he could play. Harvell-Peel has an injured hammy.
  12. SouthTulsaPoke

    New Era

    OMG. Apparently there are actually Ag Geeks! I never would’ve guessed! :woot:
  13. SouthTulsaPoke

    Cade & Viktor

    It will be interesting to see which one of them, when their careers are over, makes the most money. Don’t sell Victor short...even though he is...short.
  14. SouthTulsaPoke

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    Their rape culture makes them untouchable.
  15. SouthTulsaPoke

    Scoring Defenses in conference play.

    That's an awful lot of blather. It would've been a lot more efficient of yours and our time, if you had simply typed: "You're right. I was totally BSing you with all that 'our offense gave you ten points." You tried to pull off convincing us of some talking point on the WVU board that is...