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  1. sc5mu93

    The Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Bashful, Doc, Dopey, sleepy, happy, Sneezy, Grumpy and commie?
  2. sc5mu93

    The Witcher

    The problem with it is the same crap the pulled in Westworld to confuse the audience; they tell disjoint stories of people who apparently don't age. I would be fine with a disjoint storyline, but give the audience a tip off by demonstrating some ageing of the characters. and if they don't age...
  3. sc5mu93

    Tweet of the Day

    Well Jeebus, couldn't trump buy a box of 5 for just a dollar more and save the US taxpayer some cash??!?!?! Jeebus!!. Buy in Bulk and save! Our President is a moron and wastes so much money!!
  4. sc5mu93

    The Witcher

    this is what i am talking about. how does the convoluted presentation of this pretty straightforward timeline help the viewer to understand the events? This was intentionally done just to screw with the viewer. I hate this crap.
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    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    too soon.
  6. sc5mu93

    The Witcher

    Also, while I after the video game was very good, I don't think it was the best of all time.
  7. sc5mu93

    The Witcher

    this is a freaking ear worm. i can't shake it. EDIT: The show is pretty good, but the timeline trickery is really annoying. I don't think it adds anything to the storytelling and only serves to confuse the viewer.
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    Tweet of the Day

  9. sc5mu93

    2020 Starts Off With A Bang: Iranian General Qassim Soleimani And Friends Blown Apart In Baghdad

    my guess is he isn't "letting it go." Just this public chest thumping match is over. Proxy fight and secret action is next...
  10. sc5mu93

    The Mandalorian

    Binged season one during free 7 day trial. A lot of throw away episodes. I think the the science nerd was trying to "extract" was midichlorians rather than DNA. DNA could be done easily without hitting him, whereas midichlorians would probably kill him. Science nerd seemed pretty adamant...
  11. sc5mu93

    Church Shooting Fort Worth

    Only valid point of the article was how did dude with criminal record break the law and acquire firearm. Oh, that's what criminals do. Rest of article was a joke. Who gives a crap about the other parishioners.