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    Tulsa Post Game Thread

    how much improvement usually occurs (OL) from game one to game two?
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    Cowgirl Basketball

    I’m not after anyone’s job. I’m just a fan seeking solutions to a girls basketball program that has lacked sustainable success over several years. Girls softball/soccer have received national attention for several years. I understand the difficulty in competing with a Baylor program. However I...
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    OSU full revised schedule released

    A tough physical four consecutive games with Baylor-Iowa State-TX-Kansas State. I hope our team avoids injuries and stay COVID-19 free. I can hardly wait for the season to begin.
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    Charles Crawford

    Heartwarming. We need a lot more stories of kindness In these difficult and troubling times.
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    Gee says football will go on even if players get

    I would like to read about the football community thoughts when the “if”occurs what testing protocols are implemented.
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    NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

    I’m old enough to remember flu strains Asian, Spanish, Swine, Avian and another one that started with an H and had numbers in it. I remember that these problems peaked in the 4 to 6 month category and then dissipated. Are there any projections for the corona flu?
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    I was expecting ESPN+ to televise this excellent series. I may cancel my subscription; this event is worth showing. Crap!!
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    Is the Frisco Tournament this weekend on Television?
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    from Trammel “Who in 2009 foresaw OSU basketball regretting it ever expanded Gallagher Iba-Arena? is this the general consensus of OSU fans? I like the renovated GIA as one of the best college basketball venues.