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    No students, no sports

    Every player on Chicago State’s baseball roster has entered the transfer portal. It looks like Chicago State will be next to drop baseball.
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    No students, no sports

    Furman is the next to drop their baseball program.
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    Nova Scotia Shooting

    No, the media would never do such a thing.
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    No students, no sports

    Bowling Green cut their baseball program today. Look for a lot more of this before it’s all said and done.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    So, please forgive me if it’s already been mentioned. Where was Fauci today???
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    Unable to purchase

    Baseball tickets.....
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    Unusual Symptoms... related to Coronavirus?

    Interesting, just read where Rita Wilson said that the side effects she had from hydroxychloroquine was extreme nausea and vertigo. Of course, how she knew that was caused by the medicine, and not caused by the virus, I have no idea.....
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    And it still matters IF we overreacted too. It goes both ways. Not saying we've overreacted to this point (especially in our more densely populated areas like NYC), but you get the point. Or, at least I hope you do.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus

    You need to go back and actually read what he said.
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    Big12 Baseball and O’Brate opening

    Quick question regarding something I totally didn't think about. Will this year's freshmen return to being draft eligible in this draft, such as Osmond, Trenkle, etc.?
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    Big12 Baseball and O’Brate opening

    February 2021 feels like an eternity away. Sure would help the time pass a bit if there is any type of an MLB season. Overall, it does feel like this program is about to take off to heights we haven’t seen since the 90’s. I was very impressed with how often we were finding the barrel. And we...
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    OSU fan coronavirus survey

    Can we get more of these surveys and have them related to OSU sports history or something? Like what is mentioned above, good distraction.
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    NCAA grants year of eligibility back to spring sports athletes

    Wow, bravo. Really didn’t expect this.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus