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  1. pokefan89

    What if OU/WV doesn't get played and both OU/OSU win out

    If a team only has one less game, it goes to head to head. OU in ahead of us.
  2. pokefan89

    Cowboys (1-0) Defeat UT-Arlington (0-1) 75-68. Next Up vs Texas Southern SATURDAY in GIA #NewEra

    It's going to be interesting to see what happens with Covid in basketball. On one hand, from what I've read, the NCAA is determined to have the NCAA tournament this year with how much revenue they lost from it last year, and the fact the other sports are happening. On the other hand, they have...
  3. pokefan89

    Justice Hill

    Looks like Hill will have a role Thursday night if the Ravens still play. Ingram and Dobbins are on the Covid list
  4. pokefan89

    Who we rooting for?

    I'm fine with only losing Bedlam once a year. I'll be rooting for WVU for sure, if that happens I'll start thinking of conference championship. Even though I'm not confident OSU wins out.
  5. pokefan89

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

    Our punter is atrocious!!
  6. pokefan89

    2020 Masters Tournament

    Rickie playing with Tiger, so he's in the featured group on
  7. pokefan89

    2020 Masters Tournament

    Classic Rickie on hole 12
  8. pokefan89

    Live Practice Again Today Nov. 5

    Interesting. It doesn't seem like small ball like that could work unless all 5 guys can shoot from outside. Which unless things have changed, isn't the case
  9. pokefan89

    OSU tried to find a replacement game for Baylor

    I did a quick look as soon as I heard Baylor was postponing, and Texas Tech was a very easy switch to. Theirs, ours, and Baylors original second bye week all kind of circulated into an easy fix....Oh well I doubt Holder was looking for a nonconference game..not much upside to that it doesnt...
  10. pokefan89

    Big 12 Games week 3

    Are there any tweets like this regarding the OSU game and final testing today?
  11. pokefan89

    US Open

    Scores getting so high in the afternoon, looks like Rickie should make the cut
  12. pokefan89

    Jersery Number Countdown?

    SI Curse - burned that cover the next weekend after the loss
  13. pokefan89

    Players opting out

    I'm all for players opting out if they believe that's what is best for them, but I do think there should've been some sort of rule for a deadline when to do it by. I know it can't be exactly like the NFL, but some way to prevent players from just leaving the team in a lurch mid season. LSU keeps...
  14. pokefan89

    OSU fan survey

    Seems like an odd prediction. I dont see 6-3 in conference getting to the title game
  15. pokefan89

    How is OSU football gonna work...

    I wouldn't even be excited about attending a game with 25% capacity and everybody spread out. The best thing about being at the game live is the energy and noise of the crowd. If its just going to feel like an empty stadium anyway, I'd rather enjoy the benefits of watching the game at home.