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    Oklahoma St Football made Fox News

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    Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

    I would never diss on Old Mother Hubbard like that.
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    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Yep. Their entire fight song is about beating tehas. "Saw varsity's horns off", lol
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

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    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

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    Cowboy Basketball: vs ORU Game Thread

    To be fair, they are shooting 34% and 21% from three. 21 turnovers, with 6 from Lindy alone doesn't help things.
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    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    Good lord. Both of you should stop.
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    I don't know why this needed to be a new thread, but Bundage

    I thought the story on Bundage got real crazy, real fast there for a half second...
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    And Rodriguez. Even after changing positions. Scheme aside, I'm pretty damn happy with the play of our LB crew so far.
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    I am not getting into the argument about how the team is doing and Gundy's complacency or lack thereof, but I have been thinking about who potentially OSU might realistically look at if they did indeed want to look. I think it would be a tough one considering his position, but a call to Marcus...
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

    But seriously, would it make sense that if we had a strong D-line, Knowles' approach would/could be pretty solid in the Big12(10)?
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    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    People keep saying this. While it isn't intrinsically wrong, it certainly is not as clear cut as "go to Kentucky/UNC/KU = $". With basketball, an individual talent can raise everything around them if there is any halfway decent structure and coaching. With the Ken/UNC/KU examples, it is the same...
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    Some Hometown press for Chuba...

    Great find, eh!