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  1. petrolpoke

    What are you guys’ opinions on John Wozniak?

    From the sounds of it, we didn't whiff on Jacobs. More of us losing interest.
  2. petrolpoke

    I come bearing glad tidings Josh Still , WVU, to okstate

    Things are shaping up nicely for 2020. Now for Chuba and Tylan to announce their respective returns so we can all plan our CFB Playoff vacations. [/s]
  3. petrolpoke

    I come bearing glad tidings Josh Still , WVU, to okstate

    Thanks, Nolaeer. We'll take good care of him.
  4. petrolpoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Yeah, see post above yours.
  5. petrolpoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    I may go 1-3 on this unless Wallace can miraculously heal up in the next week. Crossing my fingers.
  6. petrolpoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Nothing I'd like more than to be wrong. And yes, ever since I posted this it's sounding more and more like I am. TBH, I was reverse psychology-ing it into existence.
  7. petrolpoke

    What your Bedlam record?

    I'd rather not thanks.
  8. petrolpoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    We'll see.
  9. petrolpoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    It'll just be a matter of time till an announcement comes out that our best player will also be preparing for the draft instead. No Chuba will affect us more, trust me. Also lucky for you our other best player (Wallace) is already out and our starting QB is questionable. Fun!
  10. petrolpoke

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    Secretly, the Aggies and Huskers want back in the Big 12. I'd be cool with it + trade WVU for Arky. #MakeTheBig1212again
  11. petrolpoke

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    Go win 10 games more than once a decade and get back to us.
  12. petrolpoke

    Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings

    Proud of you Nolaeer, only took you till the last weekend of the season, but you nailed it this time.
  13. petrolpoke

    Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

    It's a shame that 3 of the biggest sports radio personalities in the state, who all have OSU ties, are 3 of the biggest asshats.
  14. petrolpoke

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    Knew you'd be back. Probably got a puffer over what Garrett did.