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    JW Walsh

    Clearly you do not know Kerr's path to being a coach, but I am not going to hijack this thread any further to get into a ludicrous discussion comparing Kerr and Gottlieb.
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    JW Walsh

    Next may be a stretch, but who knows down the road. Agree that his current vitae is thin, but if he keeps moving up ....
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    Whiskey Talk

    Holidays were good to me. All new to the shelf since Christmas. Some have had, some are new. All will be enjoyed immensely. From the left if you cannot make them out. Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Small Batch...Good, not great. A little harsh for my taste as a regular, but will be in...
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    JW Walsh

    Hey Doug? This is how you get to coach sports at OSU. Put in your time in the trenches. Congratulations, JW. Hope this is the start of even bigger things for you.
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    Obamagate will be declassified!

    So, cross the line, just do not cross it too far. Got it.
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    How do we fix the bowls?

    NFL players...that is their life. They do nothing but live and breathe football. They can spend all week recovering/training with millions upon millions of dollars of equipment and personnel. If a student athlete is actually a student...not so much. Then you have to factor in the additional...
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    How do we fix the bowls?

    Still just 11 on the field at a time. Raising scholarships will just result in hoarding of players to keep someone else from having them
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    Dunn is in over his head

    Perfect on so many levels
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    Cowboy Basketball (9-3) takes down the #6 Kansas Jayhawks. OSU IS GOOD! BEDLAM on Saturday

    WVU round 2 was scheduled for next Tuesday. WVU has postponed next three due to covid
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    Dunn is in over his head

    Just by position stats for TEs (or CWB for us) for the three teams being bantered about.
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    Dunn is in over his head

    Here is a surprising revelation when I looked up the passing stats above. Of our top 10 pass receivers, RBs did not show up until #8 (tie, Hubbard) and #10 (Brown). Of 197 completed passes to the top 10 receivers, only 14 were to a running back (7%). By comparison with the two others, Ohio...
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    Football Players Coming Back in 2021

    It will be interesting to see how many players who left with eligibility make NFL squads. but you have to take your shot when you think you have it.
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    Dunn is in over his head

    Not sure why we are comparing 2019 stats, but for the three teams under discussion For 2020 Completed pass play to the top 10 receivers (of any position). Clemson - 293 tOSU - 139 (low number surprised me) OkState - 197 Completed pass plays to a TE (within the same top 10) Clemson - 43 tOSU...
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    Cowboys (8-3) WIN 74-50 in Manhattan against KSU. Pokes are 2-3 in Big 12. #6 Kansas on TUESDAY

    Walker comes to play. Hope he develops into a leader to match his play