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    Alex Dieringer vs Kyle Dake to Represent Team USA - Saturday in AUSTIN, TEXAS

    Wrestling fan here. Living in Stillwater now and have season ticket. Took oSu wrestling fan bus to Iowa City for the Dual on the Gridiron (think that is what it was called) So I can say I was part of the 40,000 plus record crowd. (Bummer we lost to Iowa) When a student at oSu, played a...
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    OSU schedules 4 game series with Arkansas

    I remember the years that the game was always in Little Rock in the bowl shaped stadium that seats 54,000. Those were the years that their stadium in Fayetteville had capacity of only 43,000. I think we always played yearly there in Little Rock due to the large paycheck. I would not be...
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    OPEN Basketball Practice Aug 1st

    I have not seen a post about this. Here is link: Here is cut/paste: STILLWATER – Mike Boynton and the Oklahoma State basketball team will host an open practice for fans and media...
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    The Conference Realignment Saga... RELIVED!

    Reminds me of the bedroom scene between Ray and Brenda from the movie "Scary Movie" :D
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    Season Ticket (General Admission) deal for 5 Sports!!!

    You're right After I posted, I thought about Iowa and Penn State if they return to GIA. That could be a problem getting a GA seat if arriving late. Unless OU returns to a Top 10 type program, I don't see the same problem with them.
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    Silly Picture Thread

    When the A/C goes out.....................
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    Season Ticket (General Admission) deal for 5 Sports!!!

    It is good for ALL the home games for the 5 sports offered. Remember, only for General Admission seats. I was never denied entrance to any game due to Gen Ad seating all taken up. The only time I could maybe see this happening would be Softball and Soccer. Maybe Baseball for OU? Of...
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    LSU just took the lead in the arms race.

    Come on man........who couldn't sleep with that nice sweaty aroma floating around in the locker room? :whistle:
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    Season Ticket (General Admission) deal for 5 Sports!!!

    And a FYI about the deal. The Ticket office sends you a "Credit Card" type ticket with a barcode on it. At the event gate, the gate staff scans the barcode. Once scanned in, the fan enters the venue. (So you don't have individual tickets for each game whatever sport). At least that is...
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    Season Ticket (General Admission) deal for 5 Sports!!!

    Was looking at the oSu Baseball twitter, and it has a link to this Ticketmaster website. Deal is for general admission tickets to Women's Soccer, Basketball and Softball. AND same for Wrestling and Baseball. All for total of 100 dollars. Great deal. I had it for last year, only soccer...
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Big XII Media Days

    Hell, I stopped listening to the gooner loving sports urinal years ago.
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    Facilities/Construction Update

    Don't think Head Coach Kenny Gajewski or the Cowgirl softball team members would be too happy if the outfield fence fans are unable to continue what started last season. If you have not read the link, there is mention of this at the end of it. Keep the Fence People !!!! :thumbup:
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    Silly Picture Thread