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    8% Chance for CFP

    Will not be surprised if the "EYE TEST" comes into play regarding the CFP Especially with ESPN
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    World Series

    It was an insane scoring play anyway. But to happen in the Bottom of the 9th (not top of the 9th even) to end the game and prevent LA from going up 3-1 in the Series. WOW WOW WOW. I also love that it will extend the Series at least another game. TV sports is one of the things...
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    KU to focus on BB Pooka Williams leaves program

    Family First Also, 2020 sucks
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Vikings vs Seahawks

    I would have kicked the FG to go ahead and make the Seahawks make a TD plus 2 point conversion. Big Dan Bailey fan, but also happy Chris Carson was on the winning team.
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    53 yr old Wagoner man marries 16 year old

    I wonder how rich he is.................and father in law and 16yo wife know it. Also, looks like the picture in the article was taken when both are in a cemetery. Yuck.
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    Baylor suspending all football activities...

    U.S. Department of Education fines Baylor $462K for violations of Jeanne Clery Act The U.S. Department of Education has fined Baylor University about $462,000 for violations of campus crime and safety rules after the school announced in 2017 that it was being investigated in light of public...
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    Baylor suspending all football activities...

    I would think it being a home game in Wacko, Tx and Homecoming, Rapelor would really want to get to play this game. Of course, being 2020, not sure how "Homecoming" would even be worth having. It would be in name only.
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    Big 12 Games week 3

    Just wanted to add: This is the same Kansas St. team that lost to Arkansas St (AT HOME)
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    Silly Picture Thread

    Cat sonogram Looks like a little kitty cat is on the way. :D
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    Big 12 Games week 3

    Interesting little tidbit regarding K-State's upset win in Norman... Entering today, teams were 1-545 when trailing by 21 points vs AP Top-5 teams since 2004 according to @ESPNStatsInfo.
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    How would a Scalper be able to sell a ticket if all the tickets are on iPhones or other tech devices? Or maybe someone would just print out their ticket off their device? That is my guess?? The Athletic Dept is NOT mailing out paper tickets. (As far as I have read) I wonder if the Ticket...
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Silly Picture Thread