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  1. ostater2319

    ou/Texas outcome?

    We ended up spending the night at the Student Union Hotel to avoid driving back to Tulsa. :)
  2. ostater2319

    ou/Texas outcome?

    I thought I saw you there. :):)
  3. ostater2319

    ou/Texas outcome?

    I thought I saw you there! LOL
  4. ostater2319

    ou/Texas outcome?

    Yep, sat through the 0-10-1 season so I'm not going anywhere either!!! :)
  5. ostater2319

    Clear bag policy?

    Thank you!!
  6. ostater2319

    Clear bag policy?

    I didn't make it to the game we have the clear bag policy this year or no?
  7. ostater2319

    Trump admin rescinds approval for immigrants in the US seeking medical treatment not available in their home country. They must leave by Sept 9

    So where DO we draw the line? Should we invite/allow anyone and everyone who wants free health care in to the US to get free health care? And who is going to pay for that free health care?
  8. ostater2319

    Trump fixing 9th Circus Court of Appeals

    THIS is one of the main reasons I voted for Trump.
  9. ostater2319

    An Open Letter to Megan Rapinoe, from America

    I thought there was no such thing as how can there be a gender gap? :confused:
  10. ostater2319

    You say you don't believe in miracles, well I have a story to share

    God is still a God of miracles. Thank you for sharing your story (although I wish I would have read it at home, not work....). I will be praying for your son, and for you and your wife. Please keep us posted!!!
  11. ostater2319

    Desktop pics

    I'm right handed, have a left handed mouse and my right screen is my primary. It's always fun when someone else tries to use my workstation. :)
  12. ostater2319

    Everybody be safe today

    Softball sized hail?!?!? Holy crap, that's big hail!!! I'm just hoping they are way off........OR it hits in a field somewhere.
  13. ostater2319

    Everybody be safe today

    Yeah this one looks like the real deal. UGH
  14. ostater2319

    The Senate Takes the AOC Test

    I thought we were all going to be gone in 12 years who is drinking the oil?
  15. ostater2319

    After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

    I can't even read that. It makes me sick.