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    Official Texas Bowl Thread: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

    Future is bright!! Would’ve been awesome to win obviously. But I’m pumped about the direction of the defense. I was there in person and we matched their physicality majority of the game with a very young defense. Offense will be back to what it was soon. Go Pokes!
  2. OrangeFanatic2

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Just booked hotel and tickets for 2! Looking forward to it! I know the season wasn’t what it could’ve been, but for one of the youngest teams in college football, it still turned out good! Go get a W against the Aggies and roll into offseason with big momentum. Go Pokes!
  3. OrangeFanatic2

    New OC thread

    Well my "gut feeling" is usually correct but I don't always use "my gut feeling" in my decisions/bets and my wife says it shows lol!! I thing Harrell has a chance to be very special. Young, bright, energetic and comes from the Leach tree. I think he's proved he's capable by what he's done at NT...
  4. OrangeFanatic2

    New OC thread

    I've had a gut feeling for quite some time that Graham Harrell is the next L. Riley. IMO, would be a huge hire.
  5. OrangeFanatic2

    Who thinks Yurcich is leaving?

    Hope we can keep Yurcich. I think he’s done a great job. However, if he leaves I hope Gundy goes after Graham Harrell. He’s done a fantastic job at North Texas.
  6. OrangeFanatic2

    Kolar to Transfer

    Please explain.
  7. OrangeFanatic2

    Kolar to Transfer

    So would you give Yurchich credit on his development of Rudolph?
  8. OrangeFanatic2

    Kolar to Transfer

    Should be some good bedlam matchups in the future with Sanders and Rattler.