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    CRFF - Opinion: It’s time to truly be “Loyal and True”

    Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images If you can’t support them now, don’t cheer for them on Saturdays. There’s a line in the Oklahoma State Alma Mater that’s sang at the end of every football victory that’s been on my mind the past few days. “Loyal and True.” Sure, it’s intended to mean loyal to...
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    CRFF - Oklahoma State athletes, coaches react to George Floyd’s death and national protests

    Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports Cowboys coaches Mike Gundy and Mike Boynton call for people to work together. Our nation is in mourning. The events of the last week have been heartbreaking to say the least. Social injustice is at the forefront of our minds once again as another Black man...
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    PFB - Mike Gundy Speaks on George Floyd Death: ‘We Must Work Harder Together’

    Following Oklahoma State basketball coach Mike Boynton’s statement on the grotesque George Floyd death earlier this week, Mike Gundy also spoke out on Sunday. “I can’t stop thinking about the horrible situation that happened in Minneapolis earlier this week,” wrote Gundy. “I’ve been at a loss...
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    PFB - Daily Bullets (May 31): OSU Planning on a Packed BPS for Oregon State Game

    The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! OSU Bullets • BPS could be packed this fall. Fascinating and good interview of Chad Weiberg by Bill Haisten as they discuss what OSU’s crowd is going to look like come...
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    OKST - Honoring Our WCWS Heritage - 1990

    A year removed from its best finish in school history, the Oklahoma State softball team returned to the NCAA Women's College World series for a second-straight year. The Cowgirls swept the Big Eight tournament to remain Big Eight champions, and they once again swept the Stillwater Regional to...
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    NOK - 'They didn't have Eddie Sutton': Arkansas' 1984 upset of Michael Jordan-led North Carolina grew coach's legend

    By Jacob Unruh Staff writer Joe Kleine’s first memory of Feb. 12, 1984, is inside Dallas’ Anatole Hotel. The 6-foot-11 center watched a half hour of film with coaches before he got his ankles taped. Read more on Continue reading...
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    NOK - OSU football: What can Ethan Bullock bring to the Cowboy quarterback room?

    By Scott Wright Staff writer STILLWATER — By the time last February’s football signing date rolled around, it seemed like Oklahoma State was set at quarterback. Returning starter Spencer Sanders was healed up from late-season thumb surgery. Read more on
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    NOK - Could college football become more regionalized in pandemic's wake? OSU-Tulsa series part of a bigger scheduling trend

    By Berry Tramel Columnist College football scheduling is more standard than John Rockefeller’s oil. With few exceptions, each conference has a model. The Big 12’s three-game nonconference schedules consist of a fellow Power 5 school, a mid-major and a Division I-AA foe...
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    NOK - College football schedules: USC ranks No. 1 among nonconference slates

    By Berry Tramel Columnist Ranking the nonconference schedules of the 64 teams in the Power 5 conferences: 1. Southern Cal: Alabama in Arlington, New Mexico, Notre Dame. Read more on Continue reading...
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    NOK - Why I love sports: OSU's Kenny Gajewski learned life lessons listening to Dodgers games on the radio with Grandpa Bud

    By Kenny Gajewski Editor's note: Oklahoma State softball coach Kenny Gajewski tells The Oklahoman's Scott Wright why he loves sports and the role it has played in his life growing up in Los Alamitos, California. STILLWATER — My love of sports goes back to my grandpa, Kenneth Preston Williams...
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    OKST - Honoring Our WCWS Heritage - 1989

    Seven years removed from its first ever NCAA Women's College World Series appearance in 1982, Oklahoma State advanced to its second world series in Sunnyvale, Calif., in the spring of 1989. Finishing the regular season with a 39-4 record and ranked No. 1 in the nation throughout most of the...
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    NOK - SEC non-conference schedules: Georgia & Alabama rank 1-2

    By Berry Tramel Few things in college football are more consistent than Southeastern Conference scheduling. The model is well-known and well-followed: * One game against a fellow Power 5 opponent, preferably at a neutral site; * One game against a Division I-AA opponent; * Two games against...
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    PFB - Daily Bullets (May 30): Most Viewed of the Week, Gundy’s Ready to Make a Run

    The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Three Thoughts • Every once in a while, a Cowboy Football roster aligns (with) the stars and is poised to make a run. 2020 is that season. Mike Gundy is all in on...
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    CRFF - So the world kinda stinks, here are some puppies pictures to make your day better

    Photo by Stephan Schulz/picture alliance via Getty Images Prepare to have your serotonin levels restored. There’s a lot of craziness happening in the world right now. The internet is a bit of a scary place at the moment. But you know what’s pure no matter what? Dogs. Dogs are the best man. So...
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    PFB - Mike Boynton Releases Statement Amid George Floyd’s Death

    Mike Boynton is Oklahoma State’s lone African-American head coach, and he took to Twitter on Friday to speak his mind on a national topic involving race. George Floyd died in Minnesota on Monday after a police officer pinned Floyd to the pavement with his knee on Floyd’s neck for about nine...