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    Oklahoma schools shut down until April 6th
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    People were saying that when he did his broadcast. That he sounded like he had a head cold.
  3. OkstateKerr

    NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

    That's the thing that scares the crap out of me. Seemingly healthy people spreading to people that have compromised immune systems.
  4. OkstateKerr

    Big 12 Tournament is Officially Canceled

    Probably not since the regular season was completed.
  5. OkstateKerr

    MBB: Cowboys DOMINATES Texas 81-59 FINAL BIG 12 RANKINGS. Pokes face the Cyclones in Tournament on WEDNESDAY

    Imagine how this season would have gone if Ice didn’t get mono. That’s sports though
  6. OkstateKerr

    O’Brate Stadium Receiving Finishing Touches

    My wife snagged some cheap GA tickets for the Saturday game. Super pumped to see the new stadium.
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    I think most rational people believe that China's numbers are bullcrap and they didn't fully report the extent of the virus. So the numbers may actually be worse.
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    That's the problem though. No matter which side of the aisle you are on all of these people are politically motivated.
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    If this case in California shows to be community spread that might not even work.
  10. OkstateKerr

    MBB: Cowboys WIN 83-66 Against the Oklahoma Sooners. HCMB 4-6 last 6 games. Next up #1 KU on Monday

    It’s amazing what happens when they are allowed to play basketball without a whistle every 3 seconds