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    Ticket Office e-mail to season ticket holders...

    Will they refund just ticket amount or also the Posse donation?
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    Former Trump Admin officials, Mark Wayne Mullin business, LIFE Church, Kevin Hern bus. given MILLIONS in COVID funding for businesses

    I don't see the line item for charitable giving, feeding the poor, prison ministry, etc. Is this just a social club focused on it's members? They should build swimming pools and golf courses.
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    20 yr Anniversary Ideas

    For a really fancy dinner, I'd recommend Fait Maison in Edmond. They have an incredible menu, but the two times we've gone, we've ordered their tasting menu paired with wines.
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    Cops injured in Procession

    The last report that I saw said that the SUV pulled over on the shoulder "legally" to let the procession pass and was struck by the cyclists.
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    K-State football protest

    I'm not planning to do that, I was just curious! I don't care enough with what goes on at KState to bother. It seems like the logical next step. That is the only way to get through to these idiots.
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    K-State football protest

    So I'm not on the twittersphere, but has anyone from the KState (or others) been digging through all the boycotting athletes' social media accounts looking for disrespectful comments to get them expelled form school?
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    Active cases in Stillwater dropped to 131 from 180 a week or so ago. I finally noticed the footnote about how they calculate recoveries in Oklahoma. 14 days after the onset of symptoms or reporting if not deceased or in the hospital. So as younger asymptomatic people get reported, they stay in...
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    I notice that 71.2% of cases in Oklahoma have recovered, but nationally only 27.6% have recovered. Surely that is due to lack of reporting the recoveries, right? Anyone have any insight to that?
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    SITUATION UPDATE: COVID-19 As of this advisory, there are 11,510 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma. There is one additional death; it did not occur in the past 24 hours. One in Garfield County, a female in the 36-49 age group. There are 372 total deaths in the state. COVID-19...
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    the Oklahoma Dept of Health sends out a daily email. I wish I could find a source for historical info, but haven't so far.
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    Number of positives as a percentage of tests: 3.8375%
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    Murray Hall

    In response to that--if it was about the Hitler tree--if remember correctly, the Sigma Chi's had a member that qualified for the Oympics in 1936 in Munich. Hitler was in charge at the time and all the athletes or all the medalists or something were presented with a sapling. The tree was brought...
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    Is Chuba now the Heisman frontrunner?

    Everyone will have moved on and has made up their minds. The reputation of Gundy and OSU are sullied and it will hard to erase that.
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    There was a news report of someone getting a card and then their bank account being drained. Not sure at all, but if you log into the card account a try to put the funds into your bank account, I wonder if the scammers can accesses that and withdraw from your bank account.
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    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    If he had tased the officer chasing and then grabbed his gun and shot both officers, that would have been a good outcome. Is that what you're saying?