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  1. NitroOrange

    No More Vanilla Offense For Texas!

    Yes. Limit the penalties, especially the ones caused by the mouth!! I cannot stand unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. That and dead ball fouls!
  2. NitroOrange

    Mason Rudolph in at QB

    I wonder if Ben was hurt last week. He missed so many throws that I honestly thought they would set him down when the game was out of reach. I thought Mason looked solid when not throwing to receivers named Moncreif...
  3. NitroOrange

    T. Boone has passed.

    Thank you Mr. Pickens from a greatful Cowboy Nation. Rest in eternal peace.
  4. NitroOrange

    Next Year!

    Saw his highlights on PFB and, he looks like a great add.
  5. NitroOrange

    Next Year!

    This is a noteworthy post. Wow.
  6. NitroOrange

    Basketball tryouts

    So is there any chatter whatsoever about any of the football players coming out to play B-ball? Particularly wondering about Taylor Cornelius or Jelani Woods. I'm sure my thoughts are heavily influenced by R W McQuarters and a couple of others who've contributed in the over the years. But, I...
  7. NitroOrange

    Blake Jarwin

    The Sun doesn't shine in the weight room.;)
  8. NitroOrange

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    Nitro is there with son in tow. He's a Fla St student, but going with me anyway cuz FL st ain't bowlin'.
  9. NitroOrange

    Basketball vs Nebraska

    One of my favorite paraphrases..... "Wait 'til next year!" Well..... 2018 Men's Golf National Champions!! Can't take that away.
  10. NitroOrange

    Post-season fan mini survey

    The things that bugged me the most about these season were the end of game management for the Baylor Game and the OU game. But along with that was how undisciplined we were in terms of penalites. Personal fouls, off-sides,holding, false starts....... I think there were at least two games...
  11. NitroOrange

    Liberty Bowl Stuff

    This is a snap shot of what is called Mid-town Memphis. You can see the Liberty bowl is in the lower right part of the picture. Maybe a half mile west you the street called Cooper. At the southern end is the Cooper - Yound district. Lots of restarants and some boutiques. As you go north...
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    Team Hotel?

    If you like sushi, Red Koi is nearby. SE corner of Poplar and I-240 by Best Buy.
  13. NitroOrange

    Liberty Bowl Stuff

    But that spaghetti..... Ok. Gotta stop talking about BBQ. I'm losing my concentration.
  14. NitroOrange

    Liberty Bowl Stuff

    Lafayette's is worth the trip. Also, not too far from the BBQ shop. Word of warning though, all the drinking venues will be jam packed for New Years eve....
  15. NitroOrange

    Do we have a weekly Pokes in the NFL thread?

    And he also made important blocks!