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  1. newpoke

    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread

    Joubert and Ross have left the team according to gopokes.
  2. newpoke

    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread says that he quit football due to recurring injuries.
  3. newpoke

    The Conference Realignment Saga... RELIVED!

    Yes, it was kind of intriguing at the time, but can you imagine having to stay up until 2 a.m. to finish watching a game? That would have been brutal.
  4. newpoke

    Super Regionals

  5. newpoke

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    Is the game definitely on ESPNU?
  6. newpoke

    Big 12 Tournament

    Nope. SAD.
  7. newpoke

    Big 12 Tournament

    Fox College Sports
  8. newpoke

    ORU at OSU cancelled

    But on the other hand, we usually get our butts handed to us by ORU, so that can kill rhythm/momentum too.
  9. newpoke

    Spring Ball

    I wonder if he and Dickey ever talk?:)
  10. newpoke

    Wright State Baseball series

    How many innings did Jensen pitch?
  11. newpoke

    New coaches thread

    What impact did Ferguson have on Mizzou’s football team?
  12. newpoke

    New OC thread

    2010 Cotton Bowl, where we scored a grand total of 7 points and lost to Ole Miss, comes to mind. That provided the impetus (i.e., pressure) for Gundy to bring in DH.
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    Georgia felt they got shafted out of the CFP. Even Herbie was lobbying for their inclusion. They were hoping to make an emphatic statement that they belonged, at least according to their fans. Their coach also alluded to it.
  14. newpoke

    Big 12 Bowl games

    Cannot believe we lost to a team with an offense that anemic.