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  1. Men's BB Junkie

    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    Still out of the country. Please be so kind to post the score periodically. Thank you.
  2. Men's BB Junkie

    MBB: Cowboys WIN 83-66 Against the Oklahoma Sooners. HCMB 4-6 last 6 games. Next up #1 KU on Monday

    I’ll take Boynton rather than hothead Underwood or stomping Banty rooster Ford any day!
  3. Men's BB Junkie

    MBB: POST GAME Cowboys dial in their First Conference Win Against TCU 72-57. Next up #1 BAYLOR

    What happened to Chris Harris. Dave says he’s injured.
  4. Men's BB Junkie

    MBB: BEDLAM Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma Sooners (ABC @2PM TOMMORROW)

    What I honestly don’t understand, is what happened to the team that won the pre-season NIT? We were playing really well. I understand that Ice was out for a month, but he’s been back for awhile. I hear all the blame on HCMB, but he can’t shoot for them or defend for them. Isn’t it on the team?
  5. Men's BB Junkie

    Time for BB coaching change should be about 3-4 weeks!!

    Ya’ll, please stop! Boynton can’t shoot for the players and he can’t run the offense. It’s ON THE PLAYERS to choose their shots and follow the game plan. They’ll turn things around. People are so stinking quick to jump ship. You really think they’re loving this? They’re competitive, they want to...