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  1. Men's BB Junkie

    Cowboy Basketball (9-3) takes down the #6 Kansas Jayhawks. OSU IS GOOD! BEDLAM on Saturday

    We were back in the top 25 before this game.
  2. Men's BB Junkie

    Cowboy Basketball: TCU defeats the Pokes (6-1) 77-76. Next up #11 TEXAS on SUNDAY

    I have never seen a generation that gets so negative, so ugly and so shitty, so fast. I don’t see you guys working your asses off. This team epitomizes Loyal and True. Quit acting like a bunch of punks and grow up!
  3. Men's BB Junkie

    Cowboys (6-0) defeats Wichita State 67-64. 10 Game Winning Streak. vs TCU WEDNESDAY in GIA

    Help! I’m on ESPN+ (Paid) but I only get box score and no live game. Then it goes black.
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    Cowboys are UNBEATEN. Pokes (5-0) defeat ORU 83-78 in a Thriller. LAST Non-Conference Game @Wichita State SATURDAY

    I had trouble initially (kept getting a black screen.) I thought it was AppleTV, as I could get it on my iPad. It finally kicked in.
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    Cowboys (4-0) defeats Oakland Grizzlies 84-71. Pokes Remain PERFECT Next up Oral Robert TUESDAY in GIA

    Something was mentioned about the wrong number jersey. I don’t think it had anything to do with the coach being a dick.
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    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    I bleed orange to the fiber of my core, but I honestly don’t think anyone from OU would stoop so low as to screw us over again.
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    Basketball Team Expectations

    Go baby, go. I’m pumped about MBB!
  8. Men's BB Junkie

    Basketball Team Expectations

    No mention of Pena. Not qualified?