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    Thurman Thomas - Days of awesomeness

    We had 2 great TBs on the team. Just play the older senior to market him to the NFL, ...and rested to get the younger sophomore hungry, work harder and be more than ready for the next coming year 1988.
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    Impact of Rattay

    Rattay already critic about the QB need to stay in the pocket until.....
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    Recruiting Results...

    The best players are those of high character that will contribute to the team on and off the field. That position themselves not just for personal success but also position himself for others to be successful as well.
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    Football 2020 General Recruiting Thread

    SS is not getting respect from opponent D with his throwing ability: timing, accuracy, distributions and range. No doubt some WRs are transferring. They don't like happy feet at QB, with a combination of a stout RB in the backfield and an All American WR returning that'll be getting 80% of the...
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    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    Football is 80% schemed, designed and called by the coaches. It is a sport where each play is a dead ball situation and being called by the GENERAL in charged. ...and the General is the Head Coach etc. The coaches are responsible to put the players in the positions to make plays. Basketball is...
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    Talk me down from my football expectations

    We need to Holgensonize some on Gundy and remove some Pat Jones mentality out off Coach Gundy.
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    Recruiting Results...

    McBean was a Jr College 5*. He was not 5* in HS. We signed another Jr College DT before but he didn't show up. Forgot the name, but he was a good recruiting laugh back then.
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    Happy New Year to all. FYI, It is now the year 2563 in Thailand!
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    Many great coaches walked on that campus in the past. How is the cool weather in Chandler ?
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    That was not JJ. JJ was the DC along with Pat Jones , Dave Weinstatt, and OL coach Tony Wise were at Pittsburgh then under Jackie Sherill .
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    The D have to really show up when the O only capable of putting 20 pts on the board. or is it....??? The Opponents O did not really force much issue when actually they are really leading heading into the 3rd Quarter?
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    Sunday (Saturday) Morning Coaches - Submission to Alpha edition

    What ever, both QBs dwafted by the OLs. We need 6-6 QBs standing tall delivering balls all over the field in comparable to 6 foot tall escaping themselves from pressures.
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    Rusty Hilger passed away RIP Cowboy