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  1. LakeCowboy

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Self can go screw himself, if it’s him I hope he reads this. Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy except for Bill Self. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LakeCowboy

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Greg Brown in the Spring Period after Cade/Thompson recruit him for 6 months?
  3. LakeCowboy

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    And the night before or morning of Cade's announcement they'll all switch to the school he's picking and then "get it right". Sometimes they "get it right" less than an hour before. Who they select before a decision date is set means little to nothing.
  4. LakeCowboy

    Kstate predictions

    The Purple Wizard was a lot of peoples kryptonite. Herman handled him fine and last I checked the Wizard isn't roaming the sideline in a 1997 Cotton Bowl pullover anymore.
  5. LakeCowboy

    Kstate predictions

    KState is a pretender. Texas is a Contender. We were right there w/ Texas. We are somewhere in between. Pokes at home in a night game. Mississippi State is trash and will be post Mullen.
  6. LakeCowboy

    Player Availability/injury report for the Texas Game

    If we get Antwine, Harper and Evers playing tomorrow that is a huge boost to our Defense.
  7. LakeCowboy

    Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week #2

    Told @Nolaeer they were headed to the basement and he should adjust accordingly. He didn't listen.
  8. LakeCowboy

    Week 1 Big 12 games

    @Nolaeer I told you to get ready for the Big 12 basement. Enjoy your long tenured stay.
  9. LakeCowboy

    3M Open

    Wyndham Clark has two main alignment stick covers he rotates every week on tour. One has Pistol Pete's head and the other has "Go Pokes" on it. He's been using those since at least he first started getting TV time on Tour. I've seen them 3 different time this season.
  10. LakeCowboy

    Who's gonna start at QB?

    It was a late offer, wasn't a primary target at any point.
  11. LakeCowboy

    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Weeden was talented coming out of HS and physically and mentally mature as a late 20 something year old. Brown I've watched 4 complete games, enough to see that he throws the ball off his back foot and a year redshirting didn't correct that before our spring game. He's serviceable, but average...
  12. LakeCowboy

    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Brown and Costello are not exceptional. If Sanders is Average to Good, he starts. Brown is average at best, Costello is green between the ears.
  13. LakeCowboy

    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Sanders could be really good, or he could be a bust. He's likely in the middle somewhere. Average to good. We can win a lot of games w/ average to good. If he exceeds that, great. If he doesn't win the job, he was below average.
  14. LakeCowboy

    Any reason to be concerned? NCAA informs some schools of violations

    The blueprint is out there for taking on the NCAA if found guilty of allegations. Call their bluff and they'll drop it.
  15. LakeCowboy

    15 portals for WVU

    He'll enjoy the basement of the Big12, can't be any worse than Europe.